Dunkirk Film Review

Dunkirk Film Review

Troy Acconcia, Entertainment Writer

The peculiar, non-linear story telling of Christopher Nolan has done it once again. The mastermind director of Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Interstellar has created another hit movie. Although earning an 8.4/10 on IMDb makes Dunkirk the lowest rated of Chris Nolan’s star films, this movie is no slouch. Dunkirk is a stunning remake on the 1958 classic. Set in World War II, Dunkirk tells of British, Belgian, and French soldiers that are being forced to retreat to the beaches of Dunkirk by the German military.

Do you enjoy beginning a movie, knowing that every scene from that point forward will draw you more and more from the back of the seat straight to the edge? If that sounds like you, then Dunkirk is your match made in heaven. Not only does it have a gravitational pull on the viewer, yanking him or her from the bowels of the immersive movie theater throne, but it also utilizes every one of your senses as if you are in the line of battle.

This movie in one word: anxious. Dunkirk gives you anxiety. Legendary composer, Hans Zimmer, creates an audio masterpiece that never really makes you comfortable(in a good way). The eerie, interesting sounds keep you hanging in every scene.

Christopher Nolan takes a daring approach as the movie opens right in the middle of an action scene. Without giving too much away, it opens as the main soldier goes through battle. He has shots fired at him and his men, with essentially no words said whatsoever.

Although I feel that this was another one of Nolan’s flawless films, many have different views. I can understand why other movie-goers did not take a certain liking to Dunkirk. For some, specific scenes can be viewed as a little dull and eventless. You find yourself waiting and waiting for something big to happen. In my opinion this is the best part of the movie, but some people don’t enjoy that aspect. Another issue that I did not mind, but others did, was the lack of actual characters. Although characters were present during the film, there was virtually no introduction to each character and no personal connection. I find that this is what makes Dunkirk truly unique.

One minimal issue that I had with the movie, that wasn’t a big deal at all, was the British accents of the characters. They were very strong accents and a little tough to understand. If you have trouble understanding accents regularly, you might have a problem while watching Dunkirk.

Dunkirk is a modern masterpiece. It takes a truly intelligent individual to successfully watch and enjoy Dunkirk and isn’t that what makes a movie one-of-a-kind? And that’s what Dunkirk is. It is one-of-kind. It is unique. It is incomparable. It is a Christopher Nolan movie.

Take my word for it, you have never seen a  film quite like Dunkirk. Dunkirk is one of the best movies of 2017 and you better make it your job to go see it before it’s out of theaters!