Point, Counterpoint: Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?


Sarraf/Kavanaugh, Awesome People

Calli Kavanaugh says:

Many people think long distance relationships dont work, and i definitely agree. When in a long distance relationship you’re constantly wondering what they’re doing or who they are with, because they are so far away you never know if they are lying or not, it is easier to cheat and lie to each other.  After a while of not seeing your significant other, their words become their actions because they can not do anything when they are so far away. Eventually all the words will lose their meaning because there is no way they can prove them. After a while of not seeing someone you will begin to crave someone’s attention and love which could lead to cheating. It is hard to have a future with someone when you hardly see them, you can’t have a family if you live in two different states or countries. Also you won’t know what your future could even be like if the whole relationship is over text and social media, you can not learn everything about someone if you’re only seeing one half of them. Long distance relationships will become expensive from going back and forth to see each other. You’re going to have to start saving money and putting money aside to see each other. It takes a lot of trust in yourself and your partner in any relationship, especially in a long distance relationship.

Gabby Sarraf

Many may think long distance relationships are “pointless” and many may think its just a regular relationship. I personally find long distance relationships the same as a regular relationship. There no point of not trying the relationship when you never know how it will go. It’s always good to take the risk and see how it goes, rather than missing out on it. According to the social science study, long distance relationships are shown to be stronger than relationships between couples who live together or close by. I feel like long distance relationships gives you a reason to love the person harder because the harder you work through things, the better chance you have to eventually see them. There’s always things people can do such as facetime and calling. If you’re really committed for the relationship and love the person no matter how far they go, it should just give you a reason to love the person harder.