Teacher Feature: Mr. Edgerton


Interviewer: Hello Edge.

Edgerton: Hi.

Interviewer: How are you today?

Edgerton: Good, how are you?

Interviewer: Good, welcome to the interview.

Edgerton: Thank you.

Interviewer: How are you feeling?

Edgerton: Feeling Good, Friday.

Interviewer: Yeah Friday, great day. So first question starting us off, good question for the morning, do you drink coffee?

Edgerton: I do, but I didn’t drink coffee this morning.

Interviewer: Ooo, bad morning so far?

Edgerton: So far so good.

Interviewer: So far so good?

Edgerton: Yep.

Interviewer: Good. What do you put in your coffee?

Edgerton: Uhh I just put one Splenda and some milk.

Interviewer: Ah, I just drink it black myself.

Edgerton: Oh really?

Interviewer: Yeah

Edgerton: Thanks for interviewing me by the way.

Interviewer: No problem!

Edgerton: This is fun.

Interviewer: Yeah I’m glad. Congrats on being the first one by the way.

Edgerton: Thank you, thank you.

Interviewer: So more onto the serious questions, How long have you been teaching?

Edgerton: I think I’ve been teaching for 15 years, I started working in Chelsea and did my first year as a classroom aid in the alternative programs, and then I’ve been here in Tewksbury for I think 11 years.

Interviewer: That’s awesome.

Edgerton: Yeah.

Interviewer: Do you enjoy teaching?

Edgerton: I do, I love it.

Interviewer: Awesome. What was the event that actually made you decide you’re going to be a teacher? Was it just something spontaneous like “Woah, sword in the stone, I’M A TEACHER NOW!”

Edgerton: Yeah, it was actually. I was working in a job and a friend of mine left the job, then it was it. He was going to go teach, and he thought I should get into it, So I applied and I got it. I left the job we both worked at and then we both started in the teaching field together.

Interviewer: Has to be hard leaving your job though?

Edgerton: Not really, because the job I had was kind of a burnout job. I was working in the restaurant industry, which you can’t work in for that long without just getting burnt out and bored, so it was good to leave.

Interviewer: Yeah, I could imagine. Alright, do you actually think repetition is the best way of learning, because you’ve mentioned it multiple times in class, or is that your way of getting people motivated?

Edgerton: Oh, that’s a really good question I’m glad you asked. It’s actually a mixture of both. I had a teacher once who kind of preached that repetition is the mother of all learning, but his teacher style did very little to motivate me. It just kind of stuck out and I remembered it. However, I do find that some forms of repetition do help with getting the point to sink in. It depends on how you use it.

Interviewer: I feel that when I walk into forensics, “Gotta get in the mood for forensics, let’s get in the mood for forensics!”.

Edgerton: Correct!

Interviewer: It’s awesome.

Edgerton: Good I’m glad.

Interviewer: Out of all the different sciences you teach, which one is your favorite?

Edgerton: I think I like forensics the best. Couple of different reasons. Biology is good, but it can tend to get a little bit boring, just because were constrained about how we have to teach it. Because of the MCAS test to a degree. But it is fun. Forensics I find is a little more fun, because i’m working with older kids and the material can be what we all make of it in the classroom. I can bring something up for the day, but then we can kind of work on it, expand it, and students can add to it. I like that part of it.

Interviewer: It’s fun, because you walk in sometimes we’re watching videos or doing something cool like the Dead and Breakfast assignment. Its great.

Edgerton: Good, I’m glad you like it.

Interviewer: Hypothetical Segment. Are you ready?

Edgerton: Yes.

Interviewer: You’re stranded on an island and you can only bring one item. What is that Item you have?

Edgerton: Oooo… That is a tough one. Something, i’m going to have to say, something I can use to make a fire. Although in this day and age, Why not have a phone where you can call for help?

Interviewer: But is there service?

Edgerton: Service, right, So after watching all those fun shows on TV, I think something I can start a fire with.

Interviewer: Alrighty, good choice. How much do you trust your students? There’s multiple times in classes where some students will yell out and stuff, but if you were out of class, what percentage of them do you think would get work done? This can be one of your classes, or all at once.

Edgerton: To answer that question, yes I would say that I trust my students, but I would expect probably somewhere between 60 and 90% of work completion. But that breaks down to which class it is. If it’s freshman bio, closer to 60% probably lower. If it’s the older kids, then I trust them to be more by the 90%.

Interviewer: Hmm. That’s interesting. I was expecting the older kids to be lower than the freshman.

Edgerton: Well I’ve been out multiple times this year and i’ve found that the older kids are doing the work more.

Interviewer: Yeah?

Edgerton: Yeah.

Interviewer: I know our class ends up getting a lot done.

Edgerton: Yes, I know. I’m lucky that this is such a great year for forensics class. It’s awesome.

Interviewer: I can’t wait to see what it brings for the upcoming year.

Edgerton: Me too.

Interviewer: What are the most important qualities to excel as a teacher?

Edgerton: I think you’ve gotta be energetic, which isn’t easy all the time, coffee does help sometimes multiple times during the day. You have to like what you do, like being here, and like working with students of all different abilities and personalities. Sometimes it’s really challenging, but for the most part, if you have a positive outlook I think you are going to do great.

Interviewer: I would imagine. I’ve had a lot of teachers who are on the negative side and their teaching doesn’t always work. But your teaching has seemed to stick with me so far. Most of the other teachers i’ve worked with haven’t stuck any of their material, but you’ve somehow seemed to stick it in my brain.

Edgerton: Oh good, well you’re a good guy to work with too

Interviewer: Thank you, you’re a good teacher.

Edgerton: Thank you.

Interviewer: Alright question 9, have you been on the school newspaper’s website?

Edgerton: I have not, but I will now

Interviewer:  It’s www.tewksburytribune.com. Now that you are in the school’s paper are you more likely to read it?

Edgerton: Absolutely!

Interviewer: Awesome. You’ll see a lot of my peers and I on the site.

Edgerton:  I don’t think we’ve had the newspaper up in forever, or at least since I’ve been here.

Interviewer:  Yeah, I don’t know the exact situation, whether it was up and unused or some other situation. I’m glad that this year it’s back up and we’ll have more journalism going on in this school, because there are people who are interested in it.

Edgerton: Definitely.

Interviewer: Closing Thoughts?

Edgerton: Well back to the newspaper idea, you seem very well equipped with that spark and foundation for that project. I used to think that I would’ve gotten into something like journalism, so I stuck more with the english major initially in college. So I think it’ll be great, kind of a main artery to the body of the school. It’ll also be interesting to see what you guys do with it, but if you’re at the helm of it I think it’ll go to great places.

Interviewer: Thank you. I can actually imagine you as a reporter.

Edgerton: Yeah, it’s kind of funny. My brother was, and I got into it the same way he did. But he was a reporter at heart and works for newspapers up in New Hampshire. I like to talk to people, so for that I would be comfortable in that area. But yeah I’m excited for you guys and to see what happens.

Interviewer: You’re a very charismatic person, so it works.

Edgerton: When I have my coffee.

Interviewer:  Otherwise just feral animal right?

Edgerton: Exactly, right.

Interviewer: Well we don’t want to see that during class right?

Edgerton: Right.

Interviewer: Well thank you for doing this interview.

Edgerton: No problem! Thanks for having me.

Interviewer: No problem, it’s been great.