Glass takes on Peer Leadership Solo

Glass takes on Peer Leadership Solo

Matt Cahill, Student Life Department

When Tewksbury Memorial High School added Peer Leadership to its list of extracurricular activities in the early 2000s, club supervisor and TMHS teacher Ms. Glass would have never thought the club would experience the amount success it has for over a decade. “I’ve been here since the start of Peer Leadership, and I’m very happy with the direction the club has gone in,” Glass says.


Every other year, the club adds new members consisting of freshman and sophomores that must participate in a leadership workshop where they are taught the skills to set a good example for those around them and lead in ways that push people out of their comfort zone. Students leave the workshop ready to be a part of such an accepting club that aims to make a positive impact on everyone around them.


Notable events that Peer Leadership takes part in every year are a pen pal program with students at the John F. Ryan Elementary School, and Step-Up Day at TMHS where the club welcomes current 8th graders to the school. The pen pal program lasts about 2 months where students write letters to each other and ends on a game day where pen pals participate in a kickball game together. Ms. Glass expressed her satisfaction with the program, saying “It’s really awesome to see how excited the Ryan [School] kids get when they finally meet their pen pals. It’s something that I always get positive feedback from the staff at the school.” The club’s other notable event, Step-Up Day, consists of current 8th graders being given tours of TMHS and being shown the different variety of clubs and activities the school offers.


With former co-supervisor Ms. Ryser retiring after last school year, Ms. Glass knows that things will be different without her. However, Ms. Glass says she thinks she is up to the task but knows that if she does need help she has other coworkers who would be more than happy to help her. “It will be tough not having Ryser around just to bounce ideas off of,” Glass said, “but I think the club is ready to move forward and see the same success we have had in the past!