New Changes to TMHS Physical Education


Erin Gallella, Sports Correspondent and Student Life Department

With a new school year underway, there is a lot to learn about the new up to date school. There’s new students, new rules, and most importantly a brand new physical education program with three brand new teachers to get it rolling.


The new program came about with the retirement of Mrs. Ryser and the resignation of Mr. Foye.  Assistant Principal O’Leary was a big component on changing things up, “we just thought it was a great opportunity to reevaluate what we’re doing. It seemed like a natural time with three new people coming into the department.


The new teachers include Mr. Kasprzak, Ms. Pacheco, and Mr. Mignault. They teach alongside Ms. Tavantzis who has been teaching here for four years. Mrs. Fabiano is also a big part of the health department.


The new physical education class involves getting to choose one of three activities each teacher is offering and choosing the teacher you want to work with. One activity lasts roughly three weeks and then you get to do it all over again on switch days. It is definitely a lot different than last year. Ms. T is a big fan of it but there are two things she is missing, “I do miss the old one because we got to know the students better because we had one class whereas now its harder to get to know the kids and I miss my girl Patty Rys” However, Ms. T knows she will learn a lot from the new teachers.


One of the new teachers Ms. Pacheco says she is “knowledgeable of how it worked in the other districts now we’re just experimenting to see how it works here”. She thinks it will go well with students because they are now able to choose what they want to do. The new program is looking up so far, and I assume it will keep on getting better.