Teacher Feature: Mr. Brian Gouthro

Elizabeth Gallella

Mr. Gouthro In his 17th year of teaching here at Tewksbury Memorial High School(TMHS), Brian Gouthro has been a gem in the english department. Gouthro is what every English teacher should dream to be. Not every student has the pleasure of being in the same classroom has Gouthro, given he is only a senior english teacher. If you’re in the hall you may see him standing on the second floor hallway across from his room, which you will find out is a safety precaution he takes. I asked him a couple questions about himself, so here’s a teacher feature on Brian Gouthro.

Hi, how is your day going?

“It’s Fantastic. It’s everything I dreamed it would be.”

How are you feeling on this fine Tuesday?

“I feel wonderful, I’m just glad to be here”

Have your classes been good today?

“They’ve all shown up”

When did you start teaching?

“Uh 2000”

What got you into teaching?

“I worked at a boarding school for two years and I enjoyed it.”

What do you enjoy about teaching? What don’t you enjoy?

“I really enjoy reading and engaging in a book and discussing the book. I do not enjoy some of the stuff that happens outside of the classroom, like some of the changes we have to make”

Do you plan to stay in Tewksbury forever?

“We’ll see, as of now yes.”

Why do you only teach seniors? Do freshman scare you?

“My sense of humor doesn’t lend myself to young people and their more sensitive when I say something mean.”

Have you ever taught other grades?

“I’ve taught every grade. I’ve taught grades eight through twelve”

What’s your least favorite grade? Why?

“Probably grade nine. It’s just awkward. Their voices are cracking, they’re just annoying.”

Why do you stand outside your room until the bell ring?

“Cause I’m watching halls because Safety. Safety first.”

What are you teaching right now?

“Senior English.”

What are you doing in your classes?

“Two of my classes are reading 1984 and two are reading into the wild”

What is your favorite book? Why?

Farewell to Arms. I like how Hemingway writes and that there’s a lot more going on then just the apparent story.”

You seem to hate everything, is their any hobbies you have that you enjoy?

“I don’t hate everything, I just refuse to smile, but I play hockey in my free time.”

How often do you play and how long have you been playing hockey?

“I’ve played since I was three and I play twice a week.”

How many kids do you have?

“I have two”

Do you hope they follow in your footsteps?

“No. I just think they should find something they enjoy and not worry about trying to do what I do. Pretty mature answer wasn’t it.”

Is this interview bothering you?

“Not at all, it’s everything I hoped it would be and I enjoyed it immensely.”

Did you contribute to helping Hardacre find her food processor?

“No comment”

Have a great day.

“You as well.”