Krampus Movie Review

Lucas Gondola

Krampus is a horror/comedy Christmas movie that came out in 2015 and is based off of a German folklore that is supposed to be the evil version of Santa. It is directed by Barry Levinson and starts out as one might expect for a Christmas-type comedy movie with a dysfunctional family preparing for a foreseeably disastrous holiday. When the in-laws arrive, things get even worse. The main character, Max recalls a time when his family enjoyed the holidays but quickly loses his Christmas spirit.

The two girls that are around Max’s age harass him while Aunt Dorothy treats the kids to some spiked hot chocolate. The film is definitely different than all other Christmas movies. Instead of a happy movie that the family comes together during, the family starts out fighting and keeps getting worse as the family members die off one by one. 80% of Google users gave Krampus a thumbs up but Movie Critics don’t seem to enjoy it as much. Movie critic Adam Holz from PluggedIn seemed to be confused as to the cult following of this twisted Christmas movie. His review included, “I’m quite sure the spiritual ideas buried in this unsettling movie can be unearthed more easily in ways that don’t involve a goat demon gleefully dropping children into a fiery afterlife—you know, just for fun.” Many people watch this movie every year around Christmas time such as Alec Hirtle, a former student at TMHS and an outspoken fan of Krampus, who referred to Krampus as “one of the best movies I’ve ever seen”.