Tips to Tackle the College Essay

Survive Your writing with a few helping hands

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Tips to Tackle the College Essay

Erin Gallella

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TEWKSBURY-College is coming about extremely fast for the seniors here at Tewksbury Memorial High School. They have busy schedules with trips to guidance, going on college visits, finishing the common app, getting on Naviance, but most importantly: finishing their senior essays.

The essay is extremely stressful in itself along with everything that school already throws at the students. So with a little help from TMHS teachers and students who have already finished their essay, here are some tips to help along the way.

Know What to Write – Think outside of the box and figure out how you could make your essay more interesting than someone else’s. Ask a family member about what to write if you are stick. Also try to avoid making things up.

Use your voice – Make sure whoever is going to be reading it knows they are leaning about you. There is nothing wrong with writing about someone else but make sure it all follows up to who you are.

Know Who Should Read It – Only a few people should read and give you comments on your essay. To many people means to many different opinions and could make your essay completely different.

Be on Time – Do not wait for the last minute to turn in your essay and all the other college applications you need. Get it done in a good amount time to get the stress off your hands.

Don’t Get Too Stressed – Everything having to do with college can be very stressful but try not to let it get to you. Use your guidance counselors and teachers to help you with whatever stress you’re dealing with. Soon enough you’ll get into college and realize all that stress was for nothing.

The college essay is definitely something every high school students worries about but giving these tips a shot could help in a huge way. Good luck and college here we come!