Meet the New Teachers at TMHS

TMHS welcomes seven new teachers for the 2018-2019 school year!

Lauren Countie

TEWKSBURY- It’s the beginning of a new school year for not only freshmen, but seven new teachers. Ms. Brooke Pacheco, Mr. Joel Migneault,  and Mr. Steven Kasprzak, better known as Kaz, are the new wellness teachers. Mr. Dylan Malynn teaches physics. Ms. Margaret Murray teaches a computer class. Ms. Maura Pilotte is a special ed teacher. Last but not least, Mr. Jay Zimmerman, is the new librarian.

I asked some teacher’s one fun fact about themselves and found out some cool facts. “I tried doing the worm at challenge day and it didn’t work”, said Mr. Malynn. Ms. Murray offered some cool news about her and Pinterest: “I’m a stonemason and I have a pinterest page of it.” Mr. Zimmerman discussed with me how he has two daughters!

When asked about how he was finding Tewksbury so far, Mr. Malynn says, “I love it. I think the administration is great and I think the students are great and I feel a positive vibe.” I also asked Mr. Malynn if he likes teaching at TMHS and he says, “Of course I do, I think that it’s challenging everywhere.” I also asked Mr. Zimmerman the same question and he said “It’s been great. It looks like a good school.”

I asked, junior, Kristina Johnson how she feels about her new wellness teacher, Ms. Pacheco. She said “She’s nice. She’s very involved in all the activities we do. She doesn’t just sit there and watch.” I asked, junior, Tyler Keough the same question about Mr. Malynn and he said, “he’s a hardworking teacher that cares about his students.”

Here’s to a great year for all these new teachers! Welcome to Tewksbury!