Applefest 2018

A fun day filled with arts, crafts, and new experiences

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Applefest 2018

Brooke Fullerton

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It’s that time of the year again. Tewksbury Memorial High School put on their annual Applefest craft fair last Saturday, October 27th, 2018, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Applefest was created in order to raise money for the TMHS PAC, enrichment programs, and the All Night Long graduation event.

On the day of Applefest, the cafeteria and gym at TMHS are filled to the brim with vendors who sell different crafts, foods, and products. Going to Applefest gives you a chance to be immersed in all natural and homemade products and to support small, local businesses. When people entered the high school, they were greeted with a long line of tables garnished with baskets and raffle prizes. There were tickets available for the raffle, and in front of each prize, there were bins where tickets could be placed.

As people walked deeper into the school, they could see miles of homemade crafts and goods, such as decorations for homes, clothing, wreaths, and even cooking-ware. The majority of the vendors were located in the gym, and the items sold varied from candles to Christmas decorations. It seems as if Applefest would have been a great place to get some early Christmas shopping done. In the cafeteria, a variety of foods were served, such as mac and cheese, soup, and calzones.

For example, one of the vendors was Tewksbury Honey, a small business based in Tewksbury! They have about 100 hives with over 6 million honey bees, with locations in Tewksbury, Andover, Bradford, and Westford. They raise their own honey bees and harvest their own honey. Their honey is always fresh, and it is reassuring to know exactly where the honey comes from. They also won a Good Food award in 2017.

In the dance room, many student organizations set up tables and sold goods in order to promote their club. The TMHS Theatre Company sold water bottles, t-shirts, and tickets for their play, “The Outsiders”, while also endorsing their club and encouraging students to get involved. The International Club had many different desserts from different countries, including Italy, Spain, and France. The pizzelles were exceptionally delicious. The Gay-Straight Alliance sold t-shirts which were adorned with a Tewksbury T, but with a rainbow on it. These shirts were definitely one of the best sellers at Applefest, selling out by 1 PM.

Overall, the student organizations earned funds to support their club, while gaining new members at the same time. People from all ages can gather around to enjoy the locality and friendliness of a small business. Even teenagers were able to enjoy the event. Brian Carta, a junior at TMHS, says, “There are so many crafts, I couldn’t figure out what to get!”. Connor Mangan, a senior at TMHS, simply states, “It was great”. Even people who don’t go to TMHS can enjoy the festivities. Sarah Michaud, a senior at Shawsheen Valley Technical HS, had “an amazing experience”. Overall, people who went to Applefest were guaranteed a good time.