TMHS Yearbook In Production

Lizzy Gallella

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Senior year is full of a lot of stress, more work then you can handle, and tons and tons of guidance meetings. Whether it’s applying early action or regular decision, every senior is stressed to the max on finishing their essay, applications, and everything else to do with college. Senior year is a whole lot of craziness, but their are a few things that keep us all sane, like the yearbook.

The yearbook is something almost every senior is excited about receiving. It’s something 10 years from now you can look back on and reminisce about your high school days. You can look back and see all your friends, different sports, and different clubs to do with the school. Especially the club that makes the yearbook even happen.

Yearbook is one of the most beneficial clubs in the school. This club is what makes it all happen and puts this book of memories all together. The club was ran by Ms. Sue Sullivan, who recently retired, and is now run by Ms. Ashley Sullivan, TMHS’s very own art teacher. The club has many students working vigorously to get the yearbook done and perfect.

The yearbook consists of more than just senior portraits. Each sport from fall to winter to spring is showcased in the yearbook. Not only is every sport in it, but also every club. Many school events are also in the yearbook. For instance things like homecoming, junior prom, senior prom, and even the pep rally. The yearbook also consists of school superlatives. You’ll be able to see who won best dress, who is the most athletic, and even who has the best eyebrows. The yearbook is a great thing to look back on your years at TMHS and the yearbook club is working hard to get it done.

One of the members, Sarah McQuaid, says that the club meets every Monday. She believes they will start meeting more often as they start designing it. Right now the yearbook is in the early stages. After asking Sarah what they’ve been up to she stated, “We’ve been trying to come up with themes and constant patterns to make it look appealing.Right now we’re formatting the pages to add pictures”. Also after talking to Maddy Gallant, another member of the yearbook club, she stated “We’re trying to work towards different goals, like everyone has their own page they’re working on”. The yearbook seems like a very organized club ready to get these yearbooks finished. The club is unsure when the yearbooks will be coming out, but make sure you buy yours ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on getting a book you can always look back on.