Betts, Bradley, & Kinsler All Shine in the Field

Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr, and Ian Kinsler of the Boston Red Sox all earned the honor of the Gold Glove Award for their positions for the 2018 season.

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Betts, Bradley, & Kinsler All Shine in the Field

Matt Cahill

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It has only been shortly over a week since the Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series over the Los Angeles Dodgers, but three of their players will have an extended celebration.

Three of the players in Boston’s lineup won the Gold Glove Award at their respective positions in the American League. Mookie Betts won the gold glove for the best right fielder, Jackie Bradley Jr. for centerfield, and Ian Kinsler for second base. The three all played crucial roles in the Red Sox second half of the season, including their championship run in the postseason.

Mookie Betts, who is also a finalist for American League MVP, played astounding defense during the entire 2018 campaign. Betts had a nearly perfect fielding percentage of .996. He was also involved in two catches that robbed Houston batters of homeruns in the American League Championship Series.

Playing to Betts’ right this season was Jackie Bradley Jr. Bradley was well known for his high flying, acrobatic catches coming into this season, and many people were astonished that he had not won a Gold Glove until this season. Bradley’s year was filled with plenty of amazing catches that left batters scratching their heads. He had a fielding percentage of .984, and was 2 over the league average of defensive runs saved.

The only Red Sox award winner of the three who is not an outfielder is Ian Kinsler. Kinsler was acquired by the Red Sox at the trade deadline back in August, and did not disappoint. Despite a notorious error in game 3 of the World Series that allowed the Dodgers to tie and later win the game, Kinsler played solid defense all throughout the regular season and playoffs. Kinsler’s total fielding percentage on the entire season was .983, and since joining Boston at the end of August, he fielded at .984.

The Red Sox had some of the best fielders of the year in 2018, including multiple honorable mentions who were finalists at their position. The Red Sox look to continue their solid play on the diamond into the 2019 season, where they will aim to repeat as World Series Champions.