Teacher Feature: Mr. Bourgoin


Sarah McQuaid

Conner Bourgoin is a fairly new face around the Tewksbury Memorial High School community, as a popular supporter of the English Language Arts, he’s earned admiration from many.

Hey there, thanks for having me. What are you eating there?

Lean Cuisine.

How long have you been teaching at TMHS?

I’m in my second year, I’ve been here since August of 2017.

Do you enjoy the experience?

I do enjoy it. The students here are great and I appreciate every day.

What is your favorite aspect of teaching English?

I would say that my favorite part is being able to talk about real-world topics that relate to

the curriculum.

What is your least favorite part of being a teacher?

That’s a good question, I think that it is difficult when you can see that a student is having a tough time and it beings to affect them during school but they have a hard time getting help. I like to see kids succeed.

What made you want to become a teacher in the first place?

My mom is a teacher, so I grew up in that type of home environment. I also had good teachers when I myself was going through school which made me want to continue that good experience for other students.

What degree(s) do you have?

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and I am in the process of getting a Masters Degree from American International College. Expected in 2020!

Where did you go to school?

I attended Winslow High School in Maine and then I went to Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

Do you do after school programs? Book Buddies is one…

Right, there’s Book Buddies where a group of us go to local elementary schools and read to the kids. In addition to that, I am an advisor for this years sophomore class, I also take part in the production of Tewksbury Tribune along with being an assistant track coach.

What do you think you would be doing if you hadn’t become a teacher?

Well, my natural calling would have been a volleyball player obviously. Anyone who saw me at the faculty-student volleyball game could attest to that. But let’s pretend that wasn’t the case, in which I would have to say finance.

Final comment?

I hope that Hardacre finds her food processor.