Review on Chelsea Cutler

Lauren Countie

Chelsea Cutler is a 21 year old new artist, from a small town in Connecticut. Cutler started posting acoustic covers, on where “every new artist wants someone to notice them” on a music app called Soundcloud. From that, her covers started going viral and caught the attention from other artists and major blogs at when she was just 17 years old. When she thought that was just the beginning, she released two songs she wrote called “Wake Up” and “Anything For You” in 2017 and from then on, she showed her ability to write music.

Now in 2018, Cutler has a total of 4 albums, including some EPs and her most famous album “Sleeping With Roses”. Even started a tour with Quinn XCll, who’s featured in Cutler’s song “Giving Up Ground”. Some students don’t exactly know who she is, but one student listens to her more than any other artist.

Cameron Cimmino, sophomore, says a lot of positive reviews on Cutler. I asked Cimmino how he feels about her music, “It’s awesome, it either makes me really happy or really sad, and not a lot of artists do that.” I asked him how much does he listen to Cutler, “Everyday.” His favorite and highly recommended songs by Cutler, “Your shirt, too much i miss you, and love you more.” And lastly I asked him if he would recommend her to anyone else, “Oh yeah.”