Christmas Cookie Challenge

What are you baking up this holiday season?

Erin Gallella

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Tewksbury-When it comes to the holiday season, cookies often come to mind when thinking of what goes along with it. People decorate and bake holiday cookies such as gingerbread and sugar throughout the whole season. However, if that is not a tradition in your family, you can still get in the holiday spirit through festive tv shows on the food network.

The Christmas Cookie Challenge, hosted by Eddie Jackson, is one of the most interesting ones to watch. Five selected bakers from all over the country compete in the competition to win a $10,000 prize each episode. There are three rounds consisting of different themes such as Christmas Past, ornaments, a winter scene, and holiday songs all in which are decorated on to cookies!

The bakers make up recipes that they think will win over the hearts of the judges and lead them into the next round but if it’s not enough for the judges they’ll be kicked out with love. The judges are mixed of different famous chefs and bakers each time. They judge on creativity, taste, and presentation. It is all up to them on who takes home the gold.

When watching, viewers will seem to want to bake and do exactly what they’re doing with their dough and how their decorating, and they absolutely can. The food network website has all the recipes of the favorite cookies made on the show. So not only is the show fun to watch, but it gives the fans the opportunity to try and experience it at home.

The Christmas Cookie Challenge is one of many shows on the food network that can get anyone in the spirit. Other shows included, Holiday Gingerbread Showdown, Holiday Baking Championship, and Giada’s Holiday Handbook. Bored and want some more holiday spirit in your system, visit the food network channel and start watching!