Time to Stand Up For the Rhinos


Sarah Boudreau

As of this year, there are less than 80 Sumatran rhinoceros left in the wild. Thirty years ago there were up to 800 but due to poaching and the selling and trading of rhino horns, that number is quickly decreasing.

The main reason the rhino population is dwindling is because of their horns. Poachers kill rhinos for their horns so that they can trade them for a lot of money. Some Vietnamese people believe that rhino horns “cures cancer and hangovers” so they pay around 300,00 dollars per horn. Some poachers even cut the horns off of rhinos while they are still alive and leave them to slowly and painfully die alone. No amount of money can justify such a cruel act.

The increase in rhino poaching is occurring because China has recently made it legal to trade rhino horns and use them in hospitals. Twenty five years ago they made it illegal to trade them and removed them from hospitals but for some reason they decided that, while these rhinos are endangered, they would allow for their killing again.

People all across the world have become more aware of these ruthless killings and are outraged. The message is being spread rapidly across social medias that these rhinos are in need of saving and people want to help make a change. Bringing up this topic and making it known is just one small way to help increase the rhino population.

Indonesians have made and plan on making more sanctuaries to rescue these beautiful creatures and help them reproduce to keep their species alive for many years to come. They have already helped a few rhinos have calfs and strive to have many more in the future. The goal that all the helpers and workers have, along with many supporters across the globe, is to see the rhino population flourish. Let’s all pray that they make the comeback they deserve.