Movie Review: Bandersnatch

Movie Review: Bandersnatch

Brooke Fullerton

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch​ is a revolutionary new movie released on the popular streaming website Netflix in late December. The movie is about a young man named Stefan who is trying to create a video game based on the book Bandersnatch by Jerome F. Davis. What makes the movie so unique and groundbreaking is that the viewers get to choose how the story goes.

During the movie, there are a series of choices that the viewer must decide between, and their choice determines where the storyline will go. For example, the first question asks if Stefan should eat Sugar Fuffs or Frosties for breakfast. As the movie progresses, the questions get increasingly more important and drastically change the way the movie plays out.

In the movie, there are 5 definite endings you can get. If you get a wrong answer, you may be forced to start over the story at a certain checkpoint, similarly to how you respawn after you die in a video game. However, there are many Easter Eggs that can be found by choosing unconventional answer options. The average run time for the movie is about an hour and a half, but it can run for as long as 3 hours. Each ending isn’t exactly the same; the ways you can get to the ending have a wide variety. This means that no almost Bandersnatch viewer will watch the same movie as another viewer. Due to the success of this movie, I predict that many more interactive movies will be coming out soon.

Personally, I thought the movie was phenomenal. I watched it with a friend, so we got to have fun choosing our path together. Each scene was unpredictable, and I never knew what was going to happen next. Whenever I picked something, I always wondered if I picked the wrong action but I could never tell until the scene was finished. One of my favorite scenes was when Stefan asked if anyone was watching him. I chose the option that said “Netflix”, and the whole scene was based around how Stefan was paranoid that someone on Netflix was watching him and controlling his actions. I love how this broke the fourth wall and made the viewers feel like they were actually in the movie. Besides the interactive aspect, the acting in the movie was very well done and featured some famous actors, including Will Poulter. The use of the papers continuing to grow on Stefan’s wall showed dimension and demonstrated how his mental health was deteriorating over time. It reminded me of the movie A Beautiful Mind.

IMDb gives Bandersnatch a rating of 7.5/10, which is relatively high. Rotten Tomatoes also gives it a 74%. If you are ever in the mood for a thrilling, interactive, and psychological movie experience, I recommend Bandersnatch.