Movie Review: Seven Pounds

Movie Review: Seven Pounds

Lizzy Gallella

If you want to watch a movie that will confuse you for almost the entire movie and then make you cry for about 15 minutes, then watch Seven Pounds. The main character of Seven Pounds is Ben Thomas, who spoiler alert is actually Tim Thomas, is played by Will Smith.

Throughout the entire movie, “Ben” Thomas is going out of his way to help certain people. He says he works for the IRS, which isn’t clear until a quarter of the way through the movie. He goes around trying to find out if certain people are actually good people or not. He even screams at a blind man through the phone just to see if he will yell at him back. Will Smith does a wonderful job of portraying this part.

We also see that Ben has a girlfriend, but she leaves and the viewer is not really sure why. He ends up seeking out a girl name Emily who has a terrible heart condition and is in desperate need of a heart. Ben befriends her and they end up somewhat dating, even though he may have a girlfriend. One night at Emily’s house Ben goes out to his car and his brother stops him, who is the real Ben Thomas. You find out Ben is actually Tim Thomas. He leaves Emily’s house and does his second to last helpful things.

Ben kills himself and Emily receives his heart. From this point in the movie and on, tears will flood down your face. We find out Tim’s girlfriend and six other people were killed in a car accident because he was texting and hit the bus. Tim can’t live with himself, so he decides to do good for 7 people. He gives his brother a lung, a old woman a part of his liver, a young boy bone marrow, gives an abused woman a new, safe home, a man his kidney, Emily his heart, and the blind man his eyes.

The end of the movie is Emily seeing his eyes again. At this point you are balling your eyes out because so is Emily. Seven Pounds may be a confusing movie at time, but it all comes together in the end. It is a tragic, yet amazing movie.