The Wave of Black Jackets

Erin Gallella

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TEWKSBURY- The cold weather has approached us here in New England which means the winter jackets have been brought out, and it is likely to see the color black then any other this winter season. It seems as if the trend of green has switched to black and almost everyone is in on it and has at least one black jacket.

Walking around the halls of Tewksbury Memorial High School, the sight of anyone is invaded by the flood of black jackets. The trend is worn widely in the female fashion but also the male and even teachers. Not always the same brand of jackets but 9 times out of 10, the jacket will be black. Why is this?

According to an article in Quartzy titled, “Only Black is the New Black: A Cultural History of Fashion’s Favorite Shade” by Marc Bain, “Black clothing has an undeniable power.” The color black in the clothing industry is becoming more and more popular, and everyone is loving it. It gives a sense of power but also is good looking to the eye. However, does this relate to the trend at TMHS?

When asking a student often wearing a black jacket why she wears it she stated, “[I like] it because it keeps me warm and looks good with every outfit.” Exactly the point of it being good looking to the eye, she likes how it looks with her outfits and she either wanted it because of how it looked on other people or they liked how it looked on her. Either way it’s undeniable that all of these people know how the jacket makes them look and how it makes other people look. It’s a must have.

Not only is the jacket black, but it is usually long and black. These black winter jackets are usually just above the knee or a little higher. Whichever you have, keep it up because the trend is in and should never go away! The winter season only gets colder so why not stay warm with a nice black jacket.