Student of the Week: Sydney Crowley

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Student of the Week: Sydney Crowley

Ryan Smith

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Sydney Crowley is a TMHS student currently in her Junior year, an honors student and an enthusiastic history pupil. She is an avid tennis player, a member of the Junior Classical League, and a 3x AP student. Outside of school she is a German language student, a Sunday School teacher, and a real history buff.

RS: How has your transition from the first half of High School to the second half been?

SC: More fluid than I thought it would be. The first half was less work, but the transition to AP not as hard as I thought.

RS: Has your life changed in a non-academic (social) way?

SC: I went from trying to keep many friends, to only seeking out organic friendships.

RS: How have you changed your study habits in High School?

SC: I went from not studying to occasionally studying, and had to start using an agenda.

RS: What have been some of your favorite extracurriculars?

SC: Varsity Tennis and JCL (Junior Classical League)

RS: Why JCL?

SC: Its less of a club and more of a community, we enjoy each others presence.

RS: Have your extracurriculars conflicted with your school work?

SC: Yes, they take way too much time, and way too much energy, and so I sometimes feel like they are a waste of time.

RS: How would you fix this problem?

SC: I would personally make matches shorter, [allow players] leave when you want, and not have practice everyday

RS: What do you think the people who overlook tennis are missing?

SC: A lot of other teams are not as accepting, and we have a variety of people/skill levels. Also, you can’t beat the boys’ Coach, ‘Cool Rick’.

RS: What do you feel you have gained from TMHS that you would not have from another school?

SC: I appreciate the unique academic staff that Tewksbury possesses.

RS: Is there anything you would change about the TMHS community?

SC: I would reduce elective requirements to allow for more exploration.

RS: What electives would you take given the chance and why?

SC: Film or creative writing,in order to explore my creative capabilities.

RS: Any post-grad plans?

SC: I have been sure for so long [that I wanted to study at a college], but recently I have been questioning myself.

RS: What challenged your original plan?

SC: AP classes made me realize I would not be totally happy analyzing documents and studying hard sciences for the rest of my life.

RS: What’s something you’d like to try in college that you didn’t/won’t get the chance to in High School?

SC: I would want to explore academics for the pure purpose of academic enjoyment.

RS: If you were to become a teacher, what TMHS teacher would you most like to emulate?

SC: Mr. Early, he makes a hard subject fun to learn about and is generally a great mentor and a fascinating man.”