The Juniors Behind Junior Prom

A look at what has to come together for Tewksbury Junior Prom this coming April.

Casey Stevenson

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TEWKSBURY- The Junior Prom for the Class of 2020 is approaching fast. On April 11, 2019, Juniors will be shuttled on buses for the Starry Night Masquerade Junior Prom. When students arrive, the Tewksbury Country Club will be turned into a Van Gogh masterpiece. It seems to come together seamlessly, but what most students don’t realize is that a lot of hard work goes into these events. The Class of 2020 council has been working tirelessly to put together this prom.

One of the hardworking faces of the Class of 2020 council is Tori Schille, who has been the president for 3 years. When asked how early preparations began for Junior Prom, she said it’ll start about a year beforehand. She gives this advice to those who are not sure if they will be in attendance, “Come to prom! It’s going to be so much fun and a lot of work has gone into it!” Her goals for Senior prom consist of, “getting enough money for Senior prom so we can charge less for tickets and have a great time.” She also has this advice for future presidents who are beginning or will be beginning to think about Junior Prom preparations; “Get a good count of how many people are coming, to be able to plan better.”

Advisors of these councils are the overseers of the entire operation, dealing with booking and helping the council of students chart out their goals. The Class of 2020 has Mrs. Bailey Mahoney, as their advisor. When asked how she and her council have approached preparations, she says: “We’ve broken down what we need to do in more manageable parts. That way we aren’t swamped at the end.” In terms of reaching the desired ticket price, $50, she says, “We’re still working on it. We have one more fundraiser before we set the final price” This fundraiser being the Monday morning breakfast before school on February 11. Her prediction for prices for senior prom and senior week is; “around $70-$75 since Danversport is more expensive. I think fundraising will continue to dwell plus there’s class dues and junior prom is sort of a fundraiser in its own.” And her process for choosing things such as food, a DJ, and the like was, “We put together some ideas for each and then class council voted”

The sophomore class, the Class of 2021, has started to think about their upcoming prom as well. The Treasurer, who deals with all the finances, is Trinity Gustin. Right now, she predicts that tickets are going to be $60, but she would like to lower it to around $50. Her goals for fundraising are to raise enough money to have affordable tickets and to have money left over for Senior year. She and her council have taken steps towards their goals by collecting class dues and holding and planning fundraisers. Trinity says that the most successful fundraiser for her class thus far has been their car wash, where they raised $400. She also says that class dues have brought in a significant amount of money as well.

Conner Bourgoin, or Mr. Bourgoin, is the advisor of the Class of 2021.As for fundraising of his class, he said, “Good, we had a really successful car wash, Monday morning breakfasts, and a lot of our students have been really good about paying class dues.”

When asked if the council had decided on a theme, he said: “ Not that we know of, but we are gonna start planning at the beginning of next year.” His goal for ticket prices is around $50. When asked if he has asked for the advice of advisors who had previously planned Junior prom, he said that, “Mrs. Fabiano emailed me and the Junior class advisors documents that she used to help plan her Junior prom, and they have been really helpful.”

Council members and advisors have worked diligently to create successful and fun Junior Proms. The fundraisers that are planned and the class dues that are collected affect the quality of these proms and the ticket prices. Junior prom this year is again, on April 11, 2019.