Cookie Monster

Tavantzis prime suspect for January 2019/February 2019 cookie dough stealing

Cookie Monster

Vinny Hulme

One evening at Tewksbury Memorial High School there became a cookie thief. Mr. Bourgoin had a box of Chocolate Chunk cookies with his name all over it. Mr. Bourgoin ate two of the uncooked cookies because he was hungry. He left the rest of the cookies in the teacher’s lounge for later. Mr. Bourgoin came back to the teacher’s lounge have a delicious treat and someone ate his cookies! Who is the cookie monster is the big question?

The top suspect for being the cookie monster is the gym teacher Ms. Samantha Tavantzis. I took time out of my day to sit down with Ms. Tavantzis to ask her a couple of questions. The first question asked was “Have you see any cookies in the teacher’s lounge lately?” Ms. Tavantzis, also known as “Ms. T,” responded by freezing up for a little and finally responding with a fast “NO.” Right at that moment you could cut the tension in the room and something was really fishy about her answer. After she answered my question she stated, “I never took Mr. Bourgoin’s cookies.” As the conversation grew I asked Ms. T a final question. I asked Ms. T, “What other kind of cookies do you like?” Ms. T answered with a guilty face “I like everything thing but the Chunky Chocolate Chip.”

Later in the school day I got to sit down with the victim Mr. Bourgoin and listen to him about how he felt about the cookie monster. The victim said he was devastated about a teacher taking his cookies. Not only was he devastated that a teacher took his cookies; he was also disappointed and sickened that a teacher who he thought he had friendship with would go behind his back and just snatch cookies from him and leave the crumbs of them behind. Mr. Bourgoin’s final statement was that he will be sleepless until he finds out what horrible monster did such a thing to him.

The Chocolate Chunk cookies that Mr. Bourgoin bought were from a student at Tewksbury Memorial High School. The student was a part of the girls varsity basketball team. The cause was for the girls basketball boosters, whose revenue goes to gear and apparel.

Ms. Tavantzis is a high school gym teacher. She began teaching in 2015. Ms. Tavantzis is known for being friendly and a nice teacher. As years progressed, Mr. Bourgoin became a teacher and the two of them grew a strong friendship that nobody could break. But that friendship now has a huge rift in it because Mr. Bourgoin can not help but think about Ms. T eating his cookies and lying about not eating them when he sees her face.