Lack of Snow Day Blues

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Lack of Snow Day Blues

Matt Pelletier

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2017-2018: snow days- IIIIIIIII (8)

Snow days as of 2/13/2018- IIIII (5)

It appears as though global warming is real, and she does not like the class of 2019. Through extensive research, it has been revealed that there has been a disproportionately low amount of snow days so far in Massachusetts. As the date of writing this, February 13, 2019, there have been no snow days for the Tewksbury school district. At this point last year, there had been five.

That’s not all of the problems though. Over the weekend the groundhog proclaimed that we will have an early spring, further limiting the chances of a snow day this year. It seems impossible that we will come close to the total snow day count from last year.

While writing this article, I interviewed several seniors at TMHS as to how they felt about the snow day drought. From what I’ve been told, the seniors feel bad about the lack of snow days. With the weight of classwork, extracurriculars, and college creeping up, it is easy to see why snow days are so cherished by students. They are beneficial to student moral and can serve as a break from stress.

The people affected most by this are the seniors of Tewksbury High. With their departure from school being on a fixed date, they are not affected by makeup days being added onto the beginning of the summer. This leads to seniors being more inclined to root for snow days.

As annoying as the lack of snow days has been, there are still some silver linings. The students of TMHS are missing fewer school days, meaning they have more time to learn. This is especially critical in AP classes which have a heavy workload. Additionally, the students of TMHS have received 2 delays and 1 early release to date. Delays are debatably better than snow days as students do not have to make them up and receive additional time in the morning to prepare for school.

Wherever you stand on the delay/snow day debate, it is important to keep in mind that these are a tool that the town uses to keep students safe. Although a surprise day off or an extra hour or two to sleep in are very well enjoyed, these effects are incomparable to the benefits of keeping students and faculty off the potentially dangerous roads.

As of now, the Accuweather forecast for the rest of the month makes it seem as though we will not see any snow days for the time being. But there is still a chance. Of the nine snow days seen by the Town of Tewksbury last year, four occurred in March. Additionally, these days came after a February that saw multiple warm, spring-like days, similar to what we’re experiencing this week. In conclusion, if you were looking forward to some snow days this season, there is still hope that you will get your wish.