Stranger Things Season 3

Information to know before the show

Trinity Gustin

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Netflix announced that Stranger Things Season 3 was to be released on July 4. This Netflix TV show is about four friends who find a girl, named Eleven. Eleven is a human experiment, who escapes from Hawkins Laboratory and ends up with the three boys; Luke, Dustin, and Mike. The three boys were out searching for their friend, Will, who mysteriously went missing after biking home from playing Dungeons and Dragons with them. This show is set in the 1980s which had limited technology to help them find their friend during that time. However, after finding Eleven things change drastically because they find out secrets that they never knew about their small town and how bad the consequences could be.

In the TV show, there are many who help with the case not only with Will but with Eleven and discovering her backstory. Will’s mom, Joyce, is a little paranoid when her son goes missing and finds out that there is something unusual about where he went. She knows this because he can talk to her in an unusual and complex manner. Although no one believes her, she contacts the police and most of the police officers think she is crazy and desperate for help after her son goes missing. However, one officer, Jim Hopper, takes the job after Joyce continues to describe her case. After taking the job, he finds that there is more to the case than he originally thought. Throughout the show, the partnership between them grows and becomes more mutual. Also, Eleven becomes more comfortable with being around what she calls her friends. She also learns how to fit in more since she has been in Hawkins for almost a year and knows how to conversate better. However, there are times where it is evident that she is not accustomed to living as a citizen compared to living in a lab.

Between the two seasons of the show, there are many relationships between characters that are growing. This displays the difference between when they first met and to where they end up being at the end of season two. For the upcoming season, it has been rumored that there will be more development between the existing relationships and other relationships that will start to form. There have been many people who are a fan of the pairings that have made throughout the show, while others want more of the plotline compared to the focus on some of the relationships. Although, it has been shown through the TV show posters that some romance will blossom and others will continue to grow.

As for the show, there is not much that has been revealed for the upcoming season. However, some of the episode titles and a new setting has been released out to fans. The titles do not reveal much about the content towards the show itself, but it does give a look as to what might happen in the individual episodes themselves. The titles that have been revealed are: “Suzie, Do You Copy?”, “The Mall Rats”, “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard”, “The Sauna Test”, “The Source”, “The Birthday”, “The Bite”, and “The Battle of Starcourt”. The place that has been revealed is called “Starcourt Mall” where the characters in the show will work at a place called “Chips Ahoy”, an ice cream chain inside the food court. Overall, there have been many theories towards the show, but nothing has been confirmed clearly of what this season will be about. Although there is little to go off of, many are eagerly waiting for the show to be released during this summer when all of the secrets will be revealed.