The Letters Are Coming

Haley Mignon

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TEWKSBURY MA- Students at TMHS are buzzing around the school as their college acceptance letters are coming in the mail. From the months of November to April students are receiving what could be the letters to their future endeavors and TMHS is currently right in the midst of the news. Here we will look at a few TMHS students and their college process.

Erin Gallella has received all of her acceptance letters and now it comes to decision time. Gallella has been accepted to Fitchburg State University, Worcester State University, Framingham State University, and a few other local colleges. Gallella plans on studying elementary education and would like to play basketball at any college she attends. With Gallella’s academics and athletic capability, there is no doubt that any of these colleges will be a good choice for her.

Julia Masotta is a unique case of a TMHS student in which she has been committed to Norwich University since her junior year. Masotta is committed to playing girls hockey at this school. She signed with them last year after she received several offers from different universities. Masotta also plans on studying elementary education. She decided Norwich University in Vermont was the perfect school for her with their academics and athletics.

Emily Chmela has yet to commit to a college but her options are all over the east coast. Her top three consists of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Florida State University, and the University of Tennessee. At one of these three colleges, Emily hopes to study and prepare herself for veterinarian school. With a strong academic transcript and an outgoing personality, Emily will be able to receive success whether near or far to home at any of these three universities.

Trace Trant is a male athlete here at TMHS who has several options as to where he is going to continue his education. Trant is one of the captains of the football team here at TMHS and has gotten several offers to pursue both his academic and football career at the collegiate level. Trant has gotten an offer from Springfield College which is a division 3 college. He has also been offered a preferred walk-on (PWO) at University of Massachusetts Amherst which is a division 1 school.

These TMHS seniors are just a few of the many students that have received their letters and have big decisions to make soon. Whether a public or private school, in-state or out-of-state, for athletics or not these TMHS students have intense decisions to make while representing their school proudly. Keep an eye out around the school as more students receive and finalize their decisions of where their next journies will begin.