The Twilight Zone Reboots

The infamous 1959 televisions series is finally getting its long-awaited reboot

Sofia El Hakim

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The well-known tv series The Twilight Zone is coming back to CBS this year. After making its first appearance on the air in 1959, fans from all over America soon fell-in-love with the paranormal and disturbing series. Each episode is centered with the cast and characters faced with a unusual problem and entering this delusional state known as “The Twilight Zone.” At the beginning of each episode there is a monologue giving an overview to set the scene for the episode, and at the end, there is a closing monologue that gives the moral of the story.

This show, being such a hit, is due for an upgrade. The Twilight Zone will air with a two-episode pilot on April 1st. The show will then continue airing continuous Thursdays starting April 11th. This show was extremely popular in the 60s and 70s, so many people are excited to see the reboot. Jordan Peele is taking over the director position and will keep the tradition alive doing the opening and closing monologue just as Serling did.

The original director, Rod Serling, has won and been nominated for many awards during the duration of the show. He won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for four, in 1960 and 1962, both for Outstanding Writing Achievement in drama. He also received a Golden Globe Award for Best TV Producer and Director in 1963.

There is high anticipation for the reboot with appearances by Steven Yeun, from The Walking Dead, and Greg Kinnear, from As Good As it Gets. Many other celebrity cameos are set to appear in various upcoming episodes, adding to the hype of the reboot.