Runaway After Dark

Local Band Runaway After Dark plays Huge Gig at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge

Elizabeth Miller

Runaway After Dark is a four-piece rock band from Peabody, Middleton, Danvers, and Tewksbury. The band is composed of drummer and backing vocalist, Aidan, rhythm guitarist, Bella, lead guitarist, Kayla, and bassist and lead vocals by our own Joanna Krieger.

The band have been together since 2014, and have been performing just as long, recently starting their fifth year. Over the past year, their performance frequency has shot up, with shows every two or three weeks.

Runaway After Dark’s sets are full of bass ridden originals with intricate solos and loud guitar over ecstatic drums. Joanna’s powerful vocals with Aidan’s drum threaded harmonies lace heightened emotion into the soul-filled lyrics. Thirty minute sets filled with up to six songs is a RAD trademark, with narrative lyrics and metaphoric melodies.

The band’s stage presence is that of bands playing the TD Garden, grasping the attention of the audience in a dream-like state moving a thousand miles a minute. Joanna writes most lyrics, with melodies so singable they’ll be stuck in your head for days. The music is collaborative, with guitar solos like tunnel vision and drum rhythms like dynamite.  

Recently, RAD have debuted a song called, “What Breaks Us” with the lyrics written by their lead guitarist Kayla.

Along with their incredible lyrical and musical writing, and their stage presence, they have most recently played the downstairs of the Middle East in Cambridge. For those who are unaware, the Middle East is a venue often played by upcoming bands, as well as UK artists on first time US tours. Needless to say, this gig was huge.

On after another local band, Parachute Club, Runaway After Dark took the stage and demanded the audience’s attention.  Starting the set with the song “I Love Me More”, a catchy song with an undulating rhythm and a swinging bass line under crisp strumming from Bella and Kayla.

The band’s interaction with the crowd is impeccable, their eyes surveying the swaying bodies through the veil of blue light, and the looks shared with their friends in the front shows their confidence on stage and had the rest of the audience relaxed, dancing along. For example, Jo looked at me when she played my favorite song, the band said “Hi” to friends from stage, waved to our other friends, and posed for photographers, creating the atmosphere of a band who has already made it.

From rock ballads to guitar songs you can dance to, with harmonies and vocals singing magic in the lyrics, Runaway After Dark can do it all, and their performances never get old.

The band’s next performance is March 15 at Dos Lobos in North Reading. RAD will be playing for an hour, their longest set ever from 9:30-10:30, and tickets are only $10, so make sure you go see them live!

They are planning to officially record their music soon, so make sure to follow their progress on  instagram @runawayafterdark, and twitter @runawayafterdrk ! Subscribe to their youtube Runaway After Dark, and watch their newest video of their song Scarlet Live at the 9 Wallis in Beverly.

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