Chuck E Cheese Responds to Recycled Pizza Claims

Chuck E Cheese Responds to Recycled Pizza Claims

Caitlin Wahl

Many teens now may remember being excited to play arcade games and climb in the jungle gym at Chuck E Cheese. They may even remember sitting down at the restaurant to enjoy a nice slice of pizza while watching Chuck E and his band play their hit songs such as “Fun!” or “Nice enough.” However, recently many people are claiming that the entertainment center for children reuses uneaten pizza. These claims, made by big time influencers on the internet and some ex-employees of the restaurant, have spurred a wave of controversy around whether or not Chuck E Cheese actually recycles their pizza or not.

Although there were already claims of them reusing pizza on the internet, the real frenzy started when Youtuber Shane Dawson posted his newest conspiracy video. In the video, he begins to look at pictures others had posted of what they say must be different sections of different pizzas stuck together. He jokes around, saying that these pictures must be fake in order to gain attention. However, when Dawson visits A nearby Chuck E Cheese, he comes to see that these claims must be true. His pizza is crooked and none of the edges are lined up with each other. Dawson’s video, as well as many other that followed, has caught the attention of Chuck E Cheese itself.

The fast food joint is claiming that they do not, in fact, reheat and reuse old uneaten slices of pizza to make new pies. Representatives at Chuck E Cheese have responded to the internet conspiracy, saying that there are “No conspiracies here-our pizzas are made to order and we prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.”  The restaurant was quick to respond to claims made that they are reusing pizza. So, that’s it, right? Chuck E Cheese does not recycle their pizza. Actually, it may not be that simple.

The rumors have been around for over 10 years, so they will not be so quick to clear. The rumor goes way back to 2009, when many Reddit users claimed that the slices must be uneven because the uneaten pizza is taken back to the kitchen and the dough is reused.  Some ex-employees, and even one internet personnel who got a job just to find out, have claimed to see the chef lining different pizzas up in order to create a new pizza. On the other hand, other ex-employees claim that the chain would never do such a thing.

The answer to the controversial question was answered by Chuck E Cheese itself, who denied any allegations. So, they must just be rumors. Maybe the pizza dough is just uneven when it is cooked and the dough is to blame. Or, maybe the fast food joint is lying in order to protect their reputation. For now, you may just have to trust the owners of Chuck E Cheese.