Teacher Feature: Ms. H

English teacher, department head, and a ​huge​ fan fave

Teacher Feature: Ms. H

Kerry Shea

As head of the English department and a teacher of a rigorous AP English Literature course, Ms. Lynne Hardacre is always keeping herself busy. But amidst her never-ending to-do lists, she still finds time to be available and approachable for all of her students. I took it upon myself to interview the classy and timeless Ms. H to gain a bit more insight towards her passions inside and outside the classroom.

So, hi, how are you today?

“I’m good Kerry, how are you?”

I’m good. So, how long have you been teaching for?

“In Tewksbury, 13 years, and prior to that, at a private all girls high school for about 7 years.”

And how was that?

“It was very different than here. I like it here much better, because it’s more normal.”

Understandable. In high school, what was your favorite class?

“I would say English probably was. I never liked chemistry or any of the sciences, and math has never been my forte.”

Same, same. When did you know that you wanted to be a teacher?

“When I was really young, probably around 7 years old or maybe younger than that, my sister and I used to play school all the time. And she was three years younger than me and I would ​never​ let her be the teacher, I would a​ lways​ be the teacher. One time she goes ‘​please let me be the teacher’ ​and I go, ‘what could you possibly ​teach me, I know everything.’ So that’s when it started.”


“Yeah, it was pretty rough.”

What’s your favorite class to teach in school right now?

*long pause*​ “Well a lot of people are gone, so I’m gonna say AP, only because I still have a full class and I do love everybody in AP. But I love all my students, even the tough groups because they’re spunky.”

Thank you. What’s the hardest thing about being a teacher?

“Trying to please everybody. It’s not easy. Y’know, people get angry for different reasons, and I have a big heart, so I like to please everyone and it’s not always that easy, but you have to go on.”

First impressions of Mr. Bourgoin?

“So I interviewed Mr. Bourgoin. Me, along with Mr. O’Leary and I forget who else was on the committee. I would say, first impression: very friendly. Very down to earth, big smile, looked very genuine. And that’s like a draw-in when you meet him.”

I would agree. Best thing about teaching?

“The ​laughing, ​like with the students. Because people are so funny. Honestly, like that’s the thing. Everybody is so funny, and I ​love w​ hen people are funny. Sometimes…​*rethinks*.​ ..even when things are chaotic, like it’s just, it’s just hilarious. And you realize that yeah, everybody are just people, whether you’re the teacher or the students, or whoever; we’re all just people.”

Favorite book?

Memoirs of a Geisha…

Do you like movies?

“Um, I’m not a really big movie fan. I like series. Yknow, the series that are on. I loved um, what was that one that I really liked, ​*whispers*​ ​about the drugs,​ it was um, BREAKING BAD! Loved it.”

Do you ‘break bad’?

“No. No I don’t, whatever that means, no I don’t.”

One final question: do you have any good weekend plans?

“Well, I’m going to a gala event tonight.”

Oh wow.

“Yes, where my old school is honoring my husband along with a couple of other people.”

‘Oh my gawd,’ as they say.

“Oh my gawd, it’s pretty intense. So that. But the rest of my weekend I’m just gonna hang out because that’s my favorite thing, is just hangin’ out, and seeing my kids, and cleaning my house, and doing that stuff…I’m really a homebody.”

I can relate to that. Well, thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good weekend.

“Thank you so much for interviewing me.”



As a student of Ms. Hardacre’s AP Literature and Composition course, I can personally attest to her devotion and commitment to her job as teacher. Each day in AP Lit is something truly wonderful. It is truly apparent that Ms. H forfeits a good portion of her own personal time to plan creative and helpful tasks for us to complete each and every class period. Ms. Hardacre, this is one big thank you from all of your gracious and appreciative students.