Money Moves

Vinny Hulme

Former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray has finished his final year in college sports. Kyler Murray just won the most prestigious award in college football. Mr. Murray won the Heisman Trophy. The Heisman Trophy is like the Most Valuable Player award. Oklahoma finished the season with a fantastic record. Oklahoma made it all the way to the big tournament but lost to Alabama.

After the season Kyler Murray already made his decision he was going to play baseball. Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics. The Athletics gave Murray millions of dollars because he said he was going to play baseball. A huge conflict began when Murray’s final college football season ended. Talks grew that Kyler Murray might want to play football. After a few weeks Murray decided to ditch baseball and put himself in the NFL draft.

Murray’s decision to ditch baseball and play football will make him lose lots of money. Kyler Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the early rounds and was projected to be a superstar in the making. After Murray decided to play football, MLB star Mike Trout signed the largest contract ever. Mike Trout signed a contract with the Angels for twelve years and will earn a whopping four-hundred and thirty million dollars.

Since Murray is now in the NFL draft he won’t make nearly as much money. Murray is projected to go number one overall by the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are going down hill. Murray will have to lead his team to victory. The highest paid quarterback in the NFL is Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers will make only thirty-three and a half million dollars. That is nothing compared to Mike Trout.

The big question is will Kyler Murray regret his decision to play football instead of baseball? Football is a much more dangerous sport and does not get paid nearly as much as baseball players. At the end of the day Murray will still make tons of money. He will make millions and millions and will be all set. I believe Kyler Murray made his decision not about money. He made his decision based on what he loves to do and his talent level.