I Took A Trip To The Year 2000

Many Classic Disney and other child stars are re-emerging to the spotlight

Emma Fleming

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On February 28 2019 the 2005 heartthrob trio the Jonas Brothers announced their comeback and dropped their first song “Sucker” at midnight. The announcement excited many longtime fans and attracted first time listeners and although a few fans predicted a comeback, the Jonas Brothers return was surprising and unpredictable. None of the brothers leaked any information until the day of the song release and and seemed to lead separate lives. Unlike the bands previous line up, the song ”Sucker” shows Nick as the leading man instead of Joe and it looks like that will be a trend in their upcoming music. On Friday April 5, the Jonas Brothers are going to drop their first album in 6 years titled “Cool” which is an understatement for how people are feeling about it. Not only did the Jonas Brothers make a comeback but they came back with there early 2000 retro vibes and we are here for it!

On March 28 2019, Miley Ray Cyrus, who was previously famous for her alter ego Hannah Montana in 2006, put her wig back on to honor and remember the anniversary of thirteen years since she first stepped off the plane with a dream and a cardigan. Miley posted on twitter videos of her singing “Best of Both Worlds” a Hannah Montana Classic, a picture of her wearing the wig with her father Billy Ray Cyrus, and a day ago, videos of her jamming to many other early 2000 disney classics. Miley Cyrus saw the attention the Jonas Brothers were getting and decided to join in.

On March 14, a girl named Alexis Vigario posted a video on Tik Tok stating “So the Jonas Brothers just made a comeback after they broke up in the year 2013, 2013 was six years ago, now there are three Jonas brothers except actually there are four Jonas Brothers because they have a younger brother named Frankie, so six minus four that gives us two remember that two. They started planning this comeback in the year 2018, twenty eighteen, so now we have two, twenty eighteen, now we have to translate that into letters, second letter of the alphabet, that’s B, twentieth letter of the alphabet, that’s T, and eighteenth letter of the alphabet, that’s R. Ladies and gentlemen I think I know what’s happening here Big Time Rush is coming back!” After her video went viral people wanted more than anything for it to become true. Unlike the Jonas Brothers, many signs were given that some type of reunion is going to happen because in December, prior to the video, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos PenaVega, two of the four members of the band, got together to write music and they posted it on social media. There was also a huge buzz after Kendall not only liked the video on instagram but he retweeted it wit the caption “I double checked this, and the math definitely adds up.” Following, Carlos retweeted with the caption, “Hmmm…I had never thought of it that way…interesting… well I guess the math is right…”. Both partially confirming our suspicions of a reunion. 2019 has brought out some of the most iconic singers along with the kid inside of us.