What is Wrong with Factory Farming?

What is Wrong with Factory Farming?

Caitlin Wahl

In the United States, over 95% of animals we eat are raised in factory farm. Factory Farms are defined by Webster as “a system of livestock using intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs, or cattle are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions.” The meat sold to you in the market is raised by confinement and abuse, often neglected and not fed for most of their lives. Chickens are cooped up in a tiny cage, often barely being able to move. Factory farmers, however, do not care about the sake of the animal. They only care about the money they make selling the meat later on.

About 94% of the residents in the United States agrees that animals should be raised in an open environment rather than confinement and cruelty. Although this is the case, over a billion of animals raised to be eaten are raised in factory farms. The treatment handed to the animals is not illegal, either. Animals specifically raised for food are among the least protected animals in United States. With no laws protecting our animals, those working in Factory Farms are able to neglect and pay as little attention to the animals’ needs as possible. Most meat we eat is the remains of a sick, suffering animal whom was neglected their whole life just because they were to be used as food.

While we all know that factory farm animals are in poor health, we may not understand just how harmful consuming an animal raised in confinement is. Sometimes, we may not even know that we are buying bad meat. Although most packages of meat, eggs, and other animal produced products tell you if the animal was raised free range, some companies purposely leave out providing the consumer the needed information.You may not even realize that you are consuming factory produced products. In order to avoid supporting these businesses, you can buy products that are specifically labeled as free range.

As a result of the debilitating conditions in factory farms, animals are often sick and not safe for people to consume. Factory Farms are filled with bacteria that may hinder one’s health, such as Salmonella or E.Coli, which are caused by consuming these foods. Factory Farmers know this and often give the animals antibiotics, which overall do not help in preventing these diseases. Antibiotics in our meat also creates the probability of a drug- resistant strain of bacteria to form. These bacteria may spread among other people and animals that make contact.

Though people may not care where their food comes from, hopefully they are able to make conscious decisions for the sake of themselves and the animals. There is always a better option in terms of what we eat. When shopping for meat, dairy, or eggs, look for a sticker or tag that says it is free range or grass fed as opposed to that of one with no labels. It is always better to be safe than sorry in terms of what you are putting into your body.