Teacher Feature: Mssssss. Hill

She’s seen and done it all, and still makes time to give back

Teacher Feature: Mssssss. Hill

Kerry Shea

Some know her as a history teacher, some know her as teacher of the ever popular advanced placement course AP Psychology, and some have had her for an intriguing and exciting elective course like psych and law or modern US history. However you may know her, Ms. Donna Hill remains a well known and respectable educator at TMHS. Because of her lengthy career here at TMHS, Ms. Hill has developed into an image of wisdom and reliability. As a former student of Ms. Hill’s AP Psych course, I can personally attest to her genuine desire for every student’s success (as seen through her many extra credit opportunities.) I thought it only appropriate to interview the teacher of one of my favorite courses at TMHS before I head on my way to bigger and better things.

Okay it’s going. So hi, how are you today?

Fine….I​ ’m being recorded??

Yeah you are…see right here.

I thought you said you weren’t recording??

No, no I meant your face wouldn’t be recorded.

Oh, alright.

Alright. What do you teach here?

*deep breath* I teach AP Psych, I teach Modern US, I teach World History, I teach Psych and Law, I teach….whatever they want me to teach.

Got it. What’s your favorite class to teach?

AP Psych.


By far.

Ope. How long have you been here?

18​ years.

Wow. That’s a lot.

*laughter* I didn’t mean it like that! Where did you go to college?

…*annoyed* ​really? W​ell, I first went to Salem State and got a bachelor’s degree. Then I went to Northeastern University and got a master’s degree. Then I went to Mass School of Law and got a law degree. Then I went to Rivier and got a master’s of education. Then I went to Endicott and got a certificate for online teaching.


Sixteen years of college. SIX. TEEN.

I’ll be sure to put that in all caps when I type it up.


What’s your favorite part about teaching?


Is that it?


What about the students?

I like the students. I don’t like grading, I don’t like making tests, I don’t like making powerpoints and ​talking, a nd ​lecturing.​ I like the students.

Got it. What got you into teaching/why did you want to teach?

So I could have the summer off.

Okay, alright.

That’s a good answer, right?

That is a good answer. Shifting gears a bit, what’s your favorite movie?

A Star is Born. With Barbra Streisand. Not the new one.

Oh…darn. Are you a big movie fanatic?


But that one you really like?

Yes. Seven times. SEV-EN.

Favorite book?

Good question…favorite book…umm, probably ​Left Neglected​. Don’t ask me who wrote it, I don’t know. But, ​Left Neglected​.


It’s not about what you think it’s about.

It’s a psych book right?

Yes, but it’s not about neglect.



Favorite experience here at TMHS, or best moment.

Best moment…ehh, everyday is a best moment.

Aww. We rise.

I could tell you my most memorable moment.


My most memorable moment was the bomb scare that we had.

OH, agree.

Yeah that was horrific. It almost made me quit.


Yeah made me think, mmm do I really wanna go in there…better up my life insurance.

Oh….If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Superpower?? The ability to see through walls.

Wow, I’ve never really heard that one. So like x-ray vision, that type of thing?

Yeah, so like I could see right in that bathroom right now.

That’s a little weird.

All those naughty people playing in there.

Yep. What else… favorite food/place to eat?

Favorite food is chocolate. Anything chocolate. Favorite place to eat, as in restaurant place to eat? Umm, Kiddies. In North Reading. Italian. YUM.

Any plans for this summer?


Such as?

I’d rather not disclose.

Okay, that’s fine. You don’t have to comment. Favorite season?


Yep, why you started teaching. Favorite holiday?

Ummm, Christmas…with ma grandbabies.

Nice, nice. Well, I can’t think of anything else.

What is this for?

*Laughter* You know-okay…. Thank you for your time.

You’re welcome. If you have anymore questions you know where I am…upstairs in heaven.

Alright will do.

It is made evident by this interview that even after all this time Ms. Hill still finds joy and excitement in her job, a thing so rare and precious in today’s society. Her attitude and humor is admirable and a large contributor to her popularity amongst students. Her efforts to make class periods engaging and unique are extremely successful and very much appreciated. Thank-you Ms. Hill for your tireless devotion to teach, mentor, and amuse your students each and everyday! ( Even if you do it just to get summers off 🙂 )