Anne with an E

Chris Franklin

Anne with an E is a Netflix original TV series about Anne Shirley, a young orphan who is taken to Green Gables by accident. The owners, siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert at first don’t intend to keep her. They eventually are won over by her charm and adopt her. The series shows Anne’s life in Green Gables. It shows her friendships and hardships that she has to face. The show is set in the late 19th century.

There are many wonderful characters in ​Anne with an E. ​Anne Shirley is a spunky, red headed orphan who brightens up people’s lives with her imagination and creativity. Marilla Cuthbert is the owner of Green Gables. She is Anne’s strict but loving adoptive guardian. Matthew Cuthbert is Marilla’s sister and owner of Green Gables. Gilbert Blythe is one of Anne’s classmates. Anne doesn’t like him at first but slowly becomes closer to him. Diana Barry is Anne’s best friend. Rachel Lynde is Marilla’s best friend who loves to gossip. Ruby Gillis is a classmate of Anne’s who has a huge crush on Gilbert. Billy Andrews and Josie Pye are the typical mean kids who bully Anne. Jerry Baynard is the farmhand works at Green Gables. Cole Mackenzie is a closeted gay classmate and friend of Anne’s.

There are many amazing things about this show. Each actor does an amazing job of playing their character. The sets they use in this show are beautiful. The show is filmed in Canada. One of my favorite shots is after Prissy runs out of her wedding and collapses on the snow. She then proceeds to laugh and dance as the girls circle around her. The storyline of this show is amazing as well. Every episode provides new information about the characters that adds to the plot. I love every storyline in this show. There isn’t a bad story arc. Every character is developed and has a good backstory.

The crew of ​Anne with an E ​is amazing. The show is adapted by Moira Walley-Beckett. This show has a large number of female crew and cast members. It has several female directors, a female executive producer, and a female show-runner. It is amazing that the team consists of lots of women.

The cast is just as amazing. The cast includes:

  • ●  Amybeth McNulty (Anne Shirley Cuthbert)
  • ●  Geraldine James (Marilla Cuthbert)
  • ●  R. H. Thompson (Matthew Cuthbert)
  • ●  Dalila Bela (Diana Barry)
  • ●  Lucas Jade Zumann (Gilbert Blythe)
  • ●  Aymeric Jett Montaz (Jerry Baynard)
  • ●  Corrine Koslo (Rachel Lynde)
  • ●  Dalmar Abuzeid (Bash Lacroix)
  • ●  Cory Gruter-Andrew (Cole Mackenzie)
  • ●  Christian Martyn (Billy Andrews)
  • ●  Kyla Matthews (Ruby Gillis)
  • ●  Miranda McKeon (Josie Pye)
  • ●  Ella Jonas Farlinger (Prissy Andrews)

Each actor embodies their character so well. I truly believe they are the character. Many of the actors are teenagers which is even more amazing. While watching the show, I relate to a lot of the characters as a result of their ages.

Season 3 is set to be released sometime later this year. The plan is to cover topics such as identity, feminism, bullying, and gender parity. Moira Walley-Beckett said “Our beloved Anne will be 16 years old when we return to this season full of romantic complications, bold adventures, and dramatic discoveries. I will explore important, contemporary themes that I hope will continue to resonate with, and inspire and uplift, our audience”. I am excited to see the future development of all the characters we know and love.