OP-ED: Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich? YES!


Caitlin Wahl

The most controversial question in all of humanity: Is a hot dog a sandwich? My answer is yes. There is no way that a hot dog is anything but a sandwich. You may think that a hot dog is not a sandwich, but let’s really consider the facts. You may disagree with me right now, but after these displays of concrete evidence there will be no question in whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. Sit back and enjoy the sandwich ride.

Webster’s dictionary defines sandwich as “An item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal.” First of all, look up a picture of a hot dog. A hot dog bun is just two pieces of smaller bread slices made longer in order to cover the circumference of the meat. So, a hot dog is wrapped in bread with a big hunk of meat in the middle with any other topping you would like. You may put mustard, pickles, or even onions, which are among the many toppings that may be placed on a sandwich. Just how a grilled cheese is considered a sandwich, a hot dog is also a sandwich. A hot dog even has more ingredients than a grilled cheese. If a slab or cheese in between two pieces of bread can be considered a sandwich, than a hot dog is 100% a sandwich.

More outside of the textbook definition is the evidence. A hot dog is meat, a protein, in bread with or without toppings. You may think that it can not be considered a sandwich because it does not have the word sandwich in it, but many popular sandwiches also do not have the word sandwich in them. Take for example a cheesesteak; where in there is the word sandwich? If you believe that because hot dog does not have the word sandwich in it, then you are arguing against the rest of the popular sandwiches without the word.

An argument against a hot dog being a sandwich is that the meat is in between a bun. However, a hot dog bun is literally just two pieces of bread connected by, you guessed it: BREAD. What does a sandwich mean to you? How would you define a sandwich? There is absolutely no reason that a hot dog should be considered anything but a sandwich. It is exactly what a sandwich is defined as: bread with meat and toppings. A hot dog is a prime example of a sandwich. There is no other argument. Forget the name and just think of what it really is.

In conclusion, a hot dog IS a sandwich. A piece of meat with toppings stuffed between bread. The definition clearly states that a hot dog is a sandwich, so who are we to disagree? Just because sandwich is not in the word does not make it anything less than a sandwich. A breakfast sandwich is not even two pieces of bread, it can be a biscuit or bagel, yet we still call it a sandwich. We may not call it a hot dog sandwich, but it is a clear cut example of a sandwich. Do not listen to what everyone tells you! Listen to the dictionary.