Mallett Charged With DUI

The Ex-Patriot faces recent charges.


Chris Antonelli

Ex-Patriot QB, Ryan Mallett has been charged with DUI on 9/10/19 in Springdale, Arkansas around 6:30 PM. Police have reported Mallett crossed over the centerline where he collided with another car. The cops were called onto the scene where Mallett was forced to take a blood alcohol test. He blew an exact .08, which is just over the legal limit.

To add on to the DUI charge, he was also charged with careless prohibited driving for swaying over the centerline. Careless prohibited driving is the driving of a motor vehicle in a careless way, as well as not looking out for other vehicles or people. You can only receive a charge for careless prohibited driving in Arkansas, which is very unlucky for Mallett because this adds on to his fine and or jail time.

This is not a good thing for Ryan Mallett’s football career. Although, he is not playing in the NFL he just got an invite to play in the XFL later on in the year. As of right now, the XFL has yet to release a statement regarding the situation. However, it is not looking good for Mallett, mostly due to the commissioner of the league saying he would ban players with a criminal record from his league. We will have to wait and see what the XFL does about this.

It is a possibility that Mallett could serve some jail time due to the two different charges. It’s unlikely, but criminal system is unpredictable at times. I will update you will any further information regarding this unfortunate situation.