Vaping Becoming a Bigger Deal With Health Issues


Sabrina Pendola

Vaping is a new item for young kids that just came to their knowledge. Though it was made to make people stop smoking as a result it made minors start smoking. The first real “vape” came out in 1963 but it wasn’t very popular. Vaping was showed to the young generation as a way to hide smoking as it was small and parents didn’t know what it looked like. Juuls and other products were made to look like a usb drive. You could use it and put it away unlike a cigar or cigarette where you have to sit there and wait for it to be done. So kids can use it in school work around the house and put it in their pocket or something as soon as they think someone is coming. So it’s easier for them to use. Parents who aren’t knowledgable in Juuls or vapes can’t stop their kids from using it.

As of 5 days ago the CDC says that 380 people are sick and 6 people are dead.They also did state that the amount of sick and dead are going to fluctuate. All of the patients have had a history of using e-cigarettes. Everyone is being told to stop using these products no matter who you are. An adult male for female, pregnant women or minors. Even adults who use tobacco products are asked to stay clear of any electronic cigarettes. They are asked to stay away from all products and use nicotine patches or gum if they are necessary if not go cold turkey.

The entire state of New York is banning the use and sales of e-cigarettes. Because no doctor knows what part of the vape is causing the failure in patients lungs. CNBC says they have found the seventh victim and have learned that there are 400 sick and getting worse. Not a lot of doctors even know how to fix this problem with the sick patients. They say this resembles lipoid pneumonia. That is when oil gets into the lungs and the lungs starts to seizure so they don’t work to their full potential. Of the 53 patients that were studied in Illinois and Wisconsin the median of their ages were 19. In many of the patient’s history they smoked both THC (marijuana) and vaping devices but the vaping devices are getting the world’s attention the most as they are the newer of the two items at hand.

Also THC pods are in fact illegal and “dab-pens” found a loophole to be able to be legal but that still doesn’t mean it’s good for you to actually use.