Fight Fest Fun!


Sarah Polimeno

Six Flags is known for its many roller coasters with their twists and turns, drawing people in from their multiple locations across the U.S. But with Halloween advancing upon us, the time for Fright Fest has come. The “30-Hour Coffin Challenge” is back, but one Six Flags in Woodmore, Maryland is giving this challenge a twist to celebrate the spooky season.

Six contestants will be selected from many applicants to participate in this years “Coffin Challenge”. The twist involves taking a partner with you! When getting settled into the roomy coffins, you will be with one person of your choosing. While you have someone with you, unlike the other coffin challenges, there is a rule involving your companion. They can stay with you during park operating hours, but they must leave when the park is closed. But don’t worry, there will be some monsters around keeping you company.

There are rules to this frightful challenge though. The contestants cannot have any technology with them throughout the 30 hours. There will be bathroom and eating breaks, but you are not allowed to remove the coffin lid until these pauses. Throughout the 30 hours, smaller, more creepy challenges will take place, possibly narrowing the competition.

According to FOX News, the “30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge” has a cash prize of $600, two Golden Season Passes for 2020, and two Express Haunted House passes. There are only six spots available that will be drawn on September 20th. The chilling challenge is set to begin on September 27th at 4 p.m. until September 28th at 10 p.m. Let the Halloween haunting season begin!