Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne Team Up!

Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne Team Up!

Pat Rosemond

On September 6th, Post Malone released his new album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. It had been a highly anticipated album after he announced the release date almost a month before. With 17 songs, the album always had the potential to top the charts. But there’s one song that stands out more than the rest, making the album a definite listen for any music fan. The song “Take What You Want” is the main focus. It features the legendary Prince of Darkness (Ozzy Osbourne) and also Travis Scott. This song has something for everybody whether you are a rap fan, a rock fan, or pop fan.

The music world has seen some pretty serious genres of music throughout the years and who knows what is to come next. In just one year we have had a rise in female rappers starting to claim the throne and also for a short period of time we got to witness the experimentation of country rap. But the real question is what could possibly come next, the possibilities are endless. Who would’ve ever thought we would get a rap song with two of the hottest rappers of our generation and Ozzy Osbourne. Well, it happened and the only thing we need to question is what is coming next. It certainly is something out of the ordinary, but so is Ozzy, Post, and Travis. That’s what got them into the position they are in today. They all pushed for a sound that they could call their own, and now we have all three of the innovators styles combined. This is the perfect opportunity for a new genre, Rock Rap. Who knows how many more rap songs we are going to get with legendary rockstars and hardcore rap gods, the possibilities are endless.

Post Malone has become a household name across the U.S, with his rise to fame in 2016 he has only seen success. Over the years he has made his distinct sound noticeable to any music fan. Post has been credited with bringing emo music back into the mainstream. It didn’t take long for him to gain the attention of big name rappers such as Kanye West and 21 savage, who can also be credited for bringing post into the spotlight. Post has released 4 albums including his recently released “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. He has had at least two songs on the united states top 50 over the past two years and his latest album seems it could keep the streak going.

Ozzy Osbourne also known as “The Prince Of Darkness” has been in the mainstream for about 40 years now and he has managed to only add onto his list of success as he gets older. Ozzy is practically the inventor of Metal music, he made it popular when nobody even dared to play it. After a successful run with Black Sabbath Ozzy took his own path to pursue a solo career, the shows only got crazier and the music only got louder. Ozzy has always struggled with drug problems but has always continued to return to the stage for his fans. Ozzy is no longer making his own music, but the past couple of years he has managed to put on a few shows. The Osbourne family also had a reality show for a few years but eventually decided it’s not a lifestyle for them. Ozzy recently returned to the media on a new show with his son, the pair travels the world to some exotic places and we can again witness the madman at work. His career could be on the rise again with his new rap experience.

To sum it all up this is the song we’ve all been waiting for and we didn’t even know we needed it. Songs like these are what changes the music world. It is something that we have never seen before and maybe we’ll get to see more songs like this in the future. Maybe one day we will also see more songs containing old legends and the new and up coming superstars. It would even be interesting to see rock and roll make a return and have rapper features.