Behind The Scenes of TMHS Clubs

Behind The Scenes of TMHS Clubs


When coming to Tewksbury Memorial High School, it is clear to see the numerous clubs you can join. I sat down with some of the members to get the inside scoop of what it’s like to join a few of these clubs in order to find out what they’re all about. The groups I had the honor of getting to know include Student Council, SAAD, Drama, and GSA. First, I sat down with Student Council Vice President Lily Gigante, who is also a member of SAAD Club. I asked her to describe what the clubs are like.

Student Council is a group of students containing a president, vice president, and many more labels. “Student Council is really energetic,” She states. “It can be confusing when you first join, but as you learn more you become aware of the opportunities that come up”. She then goes on to explain that five to seven days out of the school year are used for field trips, and she recommends this club for people, especially freshmen, who are looking to get involved with the school.

Next, I asked Lily Gigante about SAAD club. “SADD stands for students against destructive decisions” She explains, “Last year, we were in contact with the police to advise against underage drinking.” SAAD Club created a poster that was shown to younger schoolers, to advise against underage drinking and promote good choices. After this, she talks about how they have plans this year to expand that connection, and want to spread more positive messages while educating people.

After Lily, I went venturing out for more members of clubs, and found Joey Sarraf and Juliana Ricci who are in the schools drama club. To lead off, I met with Juliana, and asked her, like Lily, to describe the club. She explains, “Drama club is really an amazing group of people. Despite its name, the club doesn’t have drama. The club honestly really feels like a big family.” She also adds how it’s a good way to make friends. Next in the drama department, I talked to Joey Sarraf. He described the club as, “A very welcoming community. We are very productive, but like to have our fun moments. The directors help a lot, and are always very kind”. I asked him for any advice to freshmen, or anyone who was thinking about joining drama club. He says, “To join drama, you don’t need talent. You will learn as you go, it’ll come to you.” The next show the school will be performing is Alice in Wonderland.

Lastly, I met with one of the co-leaders of the schools GSA, Sophia Madera. “GSA stands for the gay straight alliance or gender sexuality alliance,” She starts. “It’s a very accepting community. We try to always keep it laid back for a stress free group”. She then goes on to explain how GSA is a good, easy way to become involved in the school and make friends. I also asked her for some advice to freshmen or anyone looking to join the club. “The club may seem scary or intimidating at first, but once you join you’ll realize everyones just there to have fun and relax”. GSA meets in the school’s library on Wednesdays at two, and hope to do fun events like go to broadway shows and activities like they have in previous years.

Although I only got to sit with a few, there are still clubs at Tewksbury Memorial High School. Learning about a couple brought some information on behind the scenes of some of these groups, and hopefully inspired some to join or look into one of them.