The Antonio Brown Drama

The Antonio Brown Drama

Jason Martineau

Antonio Brown is a professional football player who was supposed to play for the New England Patriots. He previously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 8 years and for a short period of time the Oakland Raiders. He was cut by the Steelers for arguing with the front office. The Patriots signed him to a 1 year deal worth 10.5 million dollars. But, as soon as he joined the Patriots, it came out he was facing charges of sexual assault, which eventually prompted the Patriots to drop him.

Antonio Brown was born on July 10, 1988 ​in Liberty City, Miami, he attended Miami Norland High School, where played football and track. He played football in college at Central Michigan University, where he earned All-American honors in 2008 and 2009 as a punt returner. ​Antonio was drafted in 2010 by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 195th pick of the 6th round. With the Steelers, he became one of the best wide receivers in the league.​ Brown has amassed more receptions and receiving yards than any other player since he entered the league.

All around the NFL teams and fans were not happy that Antonio Brown got signed by the New England Patriots. People were very upset with the way the whole Antonio Brown situation was played out this offseason. At first, he was having disagreements with the NFL about having to change his old helmet in the new rule. It was for his own safety and he didn’t agree with that. Then, he got into an argument with his former team the Oakland Raiders and was fined his $30 million guaranteed money, and as soon as that happened, he demanded to be released. Teams and fans believe that this was Antonio Brown’s whole plan to get to the New England Patriots, because he was traded from Pittsburgh to Oakland and didn’t have a choice for where he wanted to play. But, as soon as he joined the greatest dynasty in all of sports things didn’t go as planned.

A couple of days later after signing his contract to officially become a Patriot, his ex personal trainer accused Antonio of sexual assault. Antonio and his legal team have since denied these accusations, but the NFL is undergoing an investigation on Brown. Britney Taylor who is the accuser and ex trainer met with the NFL on Tuesday to discuss the allegations and open a full blown investigation. Since Taylor has come out about these accusations another women has also come forward and accused Brown of assault back in 2017. Neither women want to get the police involved or press charges against Brown. Also, on Tuesday, many businesses have come forward saying that Brown owes them a lot of money and even a doctor has said that Antonio farted in his face and he would now like money because of the action. After all of this, it came out that Brown had been texting the accusers and threatening them, prompting the Patriots to release his contract.

Last week before the final news came out, I interviewed a few of my classmates: everybody was ecstatic that Antonio Brown was a member of the Patriots. They all believed that the Pats can win another Super Bowl with the addition of Brown. Some are even saying that this could have bee the most stacked Patriots offense and team in general of all time. Four out of the five people I talked to said that they thought the Patriots will finish the season 16-0 and Super Bowl champs, the other one believes they will lose at least two games in the regular season but win the whole thing. Another classmate though, that is not a Patriots fan was not as happy as my other peers of the signing. He called the Patriots “cheaters” and Brown a “cry baby” and said that this signing will backfire and not pan out as everyone expects. As for myself, I was pumped for the signing of Brown and can’t wait to see what him and the rest of the team do throughout the season; however, with all this news, it all ended in a released contract.