Daniel Johnston, Famous Artist, Dies

Brett Nkabasele

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The famous artist, Daniel Johnston has recently died at the age of 58. He was known as a Musician, a singer, and a songwriter visual artist. His works include different types of rock, like folk rock and alternative rock. Other pieces include Outsider music, which is music that’s self taught by those who are not in the music establishment. Lo-fi, which purposely has imperfections in quality. Avant-pop, which are experimental pieces that differ from other styles.

Johnston was an amateur song writer until he began giving people copies of his home recordings. He soon became a cult figure when his work, The Cutting Edge,  was featured on MTV in 1985. Johnston’s gained overnight acclaim and was exposed as the talented figure he was. His style was unlike anything ever seen before, inspiring a new generation of songwriters. He was truly one of America’s gifted figures.

As a result of his death, many fans have come out, to give their condolences. The Mountain Goats claims that, “Those early DJ tunes meant a lot to so many of us”. And Summer Moon says, “RIP Daniel Johnston. We were going to be his backing band last year, but we had to cancel due to health reasons. As you can see, Johnston’s art truly made an impact.

From humble beginnings to worldwide fame. Daniel Johnston was at the peak of his career. However, due to mental health issues, he died on September 11, 2019. According to sources he was found dead on Wednesday morning in his hometown in Walter, Texas. Rest in peace.