TMHSTC 2019-2020: A Preview

Nick MacNeil

The TMHSTC 2019-2020 season is now here with the beginning of rehearsals for their fall production a stage adaptation of Lewis Carrols “Alice In Wonderland.” TMHSTC has brought us successful productions in the past like “The Outsiders,” “Godspell,” and “Jekyll And Hyde.” The productions for this season are “Alice In Wonderlandk” a Winter show, and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.”

TMHSTC has new faces at the front of the stage such as Ali Lightfeild. You may have seen her as the paperboy in “Jekyll and Hyde,” but now she is taking the breakthrough role as Alice. Ali says, “I am so excited for the show since I’m getting a better vision on what the show will look like. It’s really fun to be the lead. I worked all summer for the role.” Ali is so excited to see how her cast-mates and herself will develop these roles and make them their own.

She states, “All of these roles are very surface-level, all of us want to work on expanding our characters, especially on the dynamic between the cat and Alice will be very interesting, the cat is sneaky and unsure of Alice and Alice depends on the cat because he is her only friend to her in wonderland.” Rehearsals are currently ahead of schedule and the TMHSTC Executive board meetings have just started and they are here to make the company improve on the process of rehearsals and organizing everything related to the group. Jasmine Won and Melanie Crepeau will be the Presidents this year. The new secretary will be Andrew Bielecki, Gabriella Navarette as treasurer, Zack Grayczk and Tommy Bishop as community correspondents\ Fundraiser Representatives, Bella Domatos and Erin Ciampa as social media and public relations, Mollie Steinhoff as program coordinator, Ali Lightfield as cast representative, Elizabeth Miller as crew representative, and Nick MacNeil, Kira Hodges, & Maddie Pierce as freshmen representatives. Everyone is looking forward to this upcoming season. The last season was very successful and this year should not be any different.