Album Review: The Lumineers: III

Album Review: The Lumineers: III

Julia Devlin

The Lumineers released their third album “iii” on September 13, 2019. It outlines a story of three different families struggling with addiction, which is a close one to some of the members as they themselves have been friends of, or related to, someone that struggled with addiction. They show the way that addiction evolves and who it ends up affecting the most in the long run.

The overall feel of the album is connective and informational as it allows others to understand how the people that go through addiction affect others around them. It explains the feelings that the people close to addicts go through and eventually how they drift apart from those that they were once close to. Listening to the songs bring people to the scene where the events are happening and they take you on a journey through the acceptance and all the emotions that these people are going through. The album is an important message to those watching someone close to them going through addiction because it allows them to feel connected to others also going through the same things. It reminds them that they aren’t alone in their struggles and that they will be able to move on from the moments that they feel stuck in.

The Lumineers took a three year break before releasing this newest album. They have never released an album like this before, as this one gets deep into people’s personal lives and allows for a connection to be made between the album and everyday struggles that some people go through. Their previous album, labeled ‘Cleopatra’, was about the rise to fame that they experienced, and when listening to the album it allows them to reflect back on where they started and to take a step back and reflect so they don;t get too into their head about things. There is a common theme between all of their albums, as they all reflect on the band member lives and make connections to things that they actually experienced. This makes their music even more

meaningful because it comes from a place of experience and they allow their songs to be interpreted in many ways which allows for a broader audience to connect to their music.

Overall, The Lumineers newest album is one worth listening to as it is emotion filled and tells a story of a struggling family. What makes the album even better is that there are music videos to go with each song that act as a reenactment of what is happening in each song. They release the music videos in order almost as if it were a movie and they’re releasing the clips in the order that they happen. The Lumineers are a great band to listen to, and their new album is especially worth giving a listen to as it is different than most other artists and tells a whole story rather than rushing everything out in just one song.