Autumn Travel In Europe

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For many, autumn is their favorite time of year because of the beautiful scenery and the great weather conditions. The leaves change to dazzling reds, oranges, and yellows. The weather is not hot, but not too chilly either, making it ideal for cozy sweaters. As all the leaves fall from their trees, the lovely colors coat the ground in a sea of beauty. In the United States, places that have the privilege of going through autumn are alluring, but in Europe, it’s a whole new world of color that gives tourists and locals alike a special experience.

Paris, known for the Eiffel Tower and baguettes is notable for more than that. From strolling around the city to sitting at restaurants, Paris provides unique involvement during the fall season. The leaf-peeping is gorgeous while taking a stroll. When you opt to sit outside at a restaurant, the establishment even provides blankets. There are also local markets that sell fresh, seasonal produce such as pumpkin and squash. Paris during this time is also not packed by tourists, similarly to Rome which also is a great destination to travel to in autumn.

Rome is known for the Colosseum but traveling there during fall is very memorable. The weather is perfect, making traveling throughout the capital city even better than it already is. Another place in Europe is Dublin, which has great autumn scenery. This is an amazing opportunity for leaf-peepers, who love the alluring colors. In Dublin, there is also an autumn light that hits the trees just right, bringing a magical feel.

With so many places to travel in Europe that will give you the ultimate autumn experience, it is advantageous to visit during this beautiful, colorful season. The stunning scenery is well-worth the long travel time to see. With less tourists and crowds, you can get a more fulfilling experience in the wonderful places in Europe.