Turkey/Syria Crisis

Matt Rosemond

When President Trump warned Turkey to stay out of Syria and stop their offensive into the country, they ignored the warning. Many politicians are very angry at the president for pulling US troops out of area, and basically letting troops from Turkey walk right in. Nancy Pelosi blames the president last night for causing turmoil over in the area, Trump fired back saying she was crazy and had a mental breakdown last night. Chuck Schumer also fired shots at the president last week. This problem is proving to be an issue even though many feel that the president did the right thing.

As Turkey pushes in the mainland of the country the fighting gets more fierce, many people worldwide are worried about civilian casualties and many countries also want to step in. Turkey is a scary country to mess with, especially with all of their allies. The United States can easily beat out Turkey with military might and airpower, but President Trump doesn’t want to tangle with Russia or any other countries that have treaties with Turkey. Some critics even say that the US military leaving their posts and pulling out of the country gave the green light to the Turkish militants to cross the border. The situation just keeps getting worse as casualties for civilians and the military keeps rising. Many cities and towns have been evacuated but as the fighting intensifies people have to keep moving backwards more and more. As US troops moved out of their outposts, Russian troops moved in and were treated to obscene drawings on the walls by the United States soldiers.

As of right now there are only three operational hospitals in the country of Syria all of them are ill supplied and extremely overcrowded. There was a five day ceasefire, but it unfortunately ended this morning. Turkey, Russia, and the United States have been trying to work out multiple deals, but the fighting will continue for now. Turkey will most likely take control of all major regions, Russia will most likely pull their troops out and the US will not intervene as well. I personally think that this conflict will be around for a long time.