A Look At Judas Priest

A Look At Judas Priest

Pat Rosemond

Judas Priest is a world famous English metal band that took off in the 70’s and 80’s. They sold over 50 million copies of their albums throughout the years. They are considered one of the metal greats, having a very large influence on the hard rock we see today. Although the band was successful throughout the 70’s they struggled to live the rockstar life due to poor management. The band finally broke free from their situation and continued to make music. They were at the peak of their fame in the 80’s. Metal took the world by storm in the 80’s the band is given credit for being one of the bands that influenced it the most, they were always on the charts. They were famous for frequently releasing new songs, all with the hardcore sound and rockstar and drug related lyrics. The band took off due to the album British Steel. The bands image of leather, spikes, and tattoos certainly helped them fit into the metal scene. They were famous for their two tone guitar tunes, it amplify’s the raw sound of the hardcore riffs the guitars spit out. The band has seen a lot of success down the road.

The band has produced 45 albums throughout their long career. This has allowed them to spend most of their years on tour to this day. The band has always been known to put on a killer live performance. Their shows always include lots of fire and hardcore props. In fact, the group was nominated for a Grammy for best Metal Performance in 2010. As most metal fans know but non metal fans would not, the band has recently been brought back into the media with their 2018 album “FirePower”. The band wanted to show the world they still got what it takes. They did indeed succeed at this.

Judas Priest has had a very eventful past year thanks to their new album, they now have enough “fire power” to go back on tour starting 2020. They’re biggest announcement would have to be the fact that they are inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After their years of hard work and the fact that they are considered the fathers of metal you’d think that they would have already earned a spot in the hall of fame, but not just yet. There are a lot of extremely talented people in the line up for this year, but looking at the facts it’s hard to deny the fact that Judas Priest is the most decorated out of all the artists.

The band shows no sign of stopping in the near future, form what they are showing their fans they are gonna play until they drop. Judas Priest claims that if they are granted a spot in the hall of fame they will use it as an advantage. They believe that it will allow them to continue blooming into the next decade to come. Judas Priest shows no signs of stopping and they believe this will only push them further into trying to please their many fans of all ages.

The Rock Hall of Fame induction night is always a night of fun. It will take place May 2nd, 2020; it is the perfect live event too tune into. It is the perfect event to pay tribute to all of the legends of music throughout the years, dead or alive. The entire event is a celebration of music and the people who have contributed over the years.