Alabama Police Continue Hunt for Missing 3-Year-Old


Shawn Manson

The Birmingham Police Department have sent out a safe passage video for missing 3-year-old, Kamille McKinney. McKinney was reported missing on October 12th, and police have still yet to hear anything regarding her whereabouts. Chief of Police, Patrick Smith, has made the safe return on McKinney his top priority. McKinney was last seen wearing a pink Minnie Mouse t-shirt, and is said to be 3 feet tall, weighs 60 pounds, and has brown eyes and black hair.

Birmingham Police have taken two suspects into custody, but have failed to connect them with the McKinney family in any way. The suspects, Patrick Stallworth, age 39, and Derick Brown, age 29, have been taken into custody by police for questioning. Both Stallworth and Brown have prior convictions in kidnapping, and child pornography making them prime suspects in this ongoing case.

Chief Smith released a video, hoping to entice the safe return of Kamille. He states in his video, “​Our goal is to reunite this 3-year-old baby with her family. I’m asking you now, if you know where Kamille is, that you contact us. That you please bring her to a safe location and we will follow up from there. We need your help.” The safe and proper return of McKinney is the main focus of the Birmingham Police Department, and we hope that she is reunited with her family sooner, rather than later.