Kamala Harris Is No More


Brett Nkabasele

On December 3rd, 2019, democtratic candidate, Kamala Harris, announced via Twitter, that she will be dropping out of the 2020 election. She stated that this was one of the hardest decisions to make in her political career. Apparently, the reason for doing so involves her finacle struggles. Unlike her rival, Donald Trump, Ms. Harris isn’t a billionaire. It was getting harder and harder to run the campaign with the limited budget she had. The only possible chance she had was to raise $5 million in two weeks, which is highly unlikely. She simply does not have the funding to compete.

Before the campaign, Kamala Harris was the 27th district attorney of San Francisco. She would later run in the senate election of 2016. On November 8, she arose victorious against Loretta Sanchez and succeed the previous senator, Barbara Boxer. The election granted her the title as California’s third female senator and the first of either Jamaican or Indian ancestry. With the reputation Ms. Harris had, she decided to go for the next level in her political career.

Rightfully so, many of her loyal followers were upset about the news. Many fundraisers dedicated to the cause were shut down abruptly. One of Harris’s most loyal supporters was Harini Krishnan. She devoted the past 11 months to get Kamala Harris into the white house. Not only was she devastated by the results, she was angry. Despite her work being wasted, Krishnan had no regrets. She, like many others, claims that the media is to blame, however, the information gathered proves otherwise.

The absence of a prominent Democrat candidate will no doubt leave behind a power gap. I predict that the remaining candidates will take advantage of her withdrawal. Infact, Ms. Harris and Ms. Warren were competing for the same supporters earlier this year. It’s still unclear who will benefit the most from this. Candidate Joe Biden seems to getting the most support from moderate voters. Regardless, in the end, everyone will change in the poles one way or another.

Kamala Harris might be out of the race, but she is still in the fight. She claims that although she’s out of the canadacy, she will still continue to do everything in her power to defeat her main rival, Donald Trump. Ms. Harris is still dedicated to the fight for the future of this country. She’s even planning on entering the next presidential debate. Her political career is far from over.