MLB the Show to Expand

MLB the Show to Expand

Chris Antonelli

As of December 9, 2019 the Sony and Major League Baseball (MLB) agreed to a multi year deal to continue making the video game, MLB the Show. Also, Sony has decided to take the game, MLB the Show to other platforms in 2021. This is huge news to the gaming industry. Xbox hasn’t sold a realistic MLB game in almost a decade since 2k stopped making MLB games. It’s a shame that people not using Playstation will have to wait till 2021, but if everything goes as planned, we shouldn’t be dissapointed.

With the news of MLB the Show coming to other platforms other than playstation, it has created bigger anticipation and buzz around The Show 20. The cover athlete is always a big and special thing every year. Last year, the cover featured Bryce Harper, who signed a massive contract with the Philadelphia Phillies that offseason. However, this year it is even a much bigger deal to be on the cover. MLB the Show is releasing their 15th anniversary of the game, so being on the cover is a special thing. The MLB player that got chosen to be on the cover of the game is the Chicago Cubs’ own Javier Biaz. He had a great season last year and is becoming one of the league’s best.

MLB the Show 20 comes out on March 17, 2020 to playstation platforms only. However, if you pre-order any of the special edition copies of the game you will get a code that gives you access to the game four days early. Sadly, these special edition versions do cost more, but if your have the money it’s well worth it, if you can’t wait for those four days. You do get other add-ons for the game with a purchase of one of more expensive copies, which may convince others to purchase those editions as well. The four different copies you can buy are the standard edition ($59.99), MVP edition ($79.99), 15th anniversary edition ($99.99), Digital Deluxe Edition ($99.99).

If The Show can fix the numerous problems with their previous game and implement those fixes into the new game, then we could be seeing the best MLB the Show in years. Fans have given the game some ideas on what they can improve on the new game. For example, they need to have a few animations to expand on the game, as well as improving the graphics. Gameplay wise, fans want to see hitting a little easier and more skill-based. The fans feel they should be rewarded with a home run or atleast a hit if you get perfect timing. Hopefully, the game makers will listen to the fans, which they usually do.

As days are going by, the anticipation is growing for MLB the Show 20 and for it coming to future platforms in 2021. It seems far away right now, but by after New Years time will hopefully fly by. However, for the Xbox users they will have to wait yet another year for the game to reach their console. So just stay calm and relaxed and the fan favorite game will be here before you know it.